How to Become a Registered Yoga Teacher With Certification?

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Our lives have become so stressful that it just never seems to go away. The Rishis and Munis from the Indian soil created a solution to this problem, even before it existed- Yoga. Yoga has now travelled the world because of its miraculous properties to heal, relax and cure the human body.

If you have been pondering about how to become a yoga master and the question of how to get yoga teacher certification intrigues you, then this article can be an insightful place for you.

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How to Become a Yoga Master?

This is the question many yoga practitioners seek answers to. Currently, there are no specific laws that need to be followed to answer the challenging question- how to become a registered yoga teacher. But there are some ways to attain this title. 

Let us discuss them in-depth:

So how to become a registered yoga teacher? Everyone who completes a yoga teacher training program with a registered yoga school can become a yoga teacher. There are several levels of how to become a yoga master, depending upon the number of training hours and a total number of teaching hours completed.

If you are unsure when or how to get yoga teacher certification, most people apply for the certification after 200+ hours of yoga training.

Now, you would like to ask the relation between how to become a yoga master and 200+ hours of training?

An approximate time of 200 hours has been found to be sufficient in helping you as a student understand the proper execution of poses based on your own physical abilities. Such programs encourage you to practice yoga daily for about 2-3 hours. If you practice this routine in your training program, you will be sure about getting yoga teacher certification and if you really want to do it. This is so because yoga teaches you self-discipline and self-realisation.

As a yoga teacher, it will be your duty to create a safe and nurturing environment for your students to participate in the class comfortably. You will also be required to demonstrate and guide the students through multiple yoga poses safely and understandably.

Another reason why you should be sure before you find answers to ‘how to become a registered yoga teacher’ is that you will also have to modify the yoga poses when necessary and offer advice about how yoga can be used as a therapeutic tool for healing from an injury or soreness. A yoga teacher must have a strong foundation in physiology and anatomy, and you should help your students in correcting their postures wherever necessary. You should be versatile in how you explain poses, helping students feel safe and relaxed during the class. 

After all, what is yoga?

Yoga is the connection between mind, body and soul!

And nobody but you as a certified yoga teacher has to build it.

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If you have any other question related to how to get yoga teacher certification or how to become a yoga master then mention it in the comments down below.

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