How To Be A Good Debater| Detailed Guide

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It happens so often that a group of people gets engaged in an argument on any particular topic. They have a conversation about the pros and cons of a specific topic. A debate is not just an interaction or conversation; instead, it is a platform to establish one’s views and convince others to follow or support that statement. How to debate well and how to be a good debater? There are a few points to be kept in mind while carrying out a debate.

Debating Skills 

good debater

1. Be patient and relaxed

While you engage yourself in a debate, the first and foremost point to keep in mind is to stay cool and calm. It is the time when you need to

recollect the gist of the topic and stay focused. A good debater should never get excited and should always try to stay positive.

2. Organize the statements

As a participant, your debating skills depend on the remarks that you present in front of others. The way of giving your views should be logical and to-the-point. 

Try to present your most persuasive arguments in a way that the statements should be convincing so that the arguments are well placed.

3. Figuring out the loopholes

A good debater is one who will try to find out the shortcomings of the other group. By doing so, you will be able to improve your debating

skills. If you can figure out the loopholes, you can just fit in your arguments over there.

4. A well-researched idea

Before you place your reasoning, there is a requirement for proper research. It will help you in giving an adequate presentation. If the research is extensively done, then it will be easier just to frame the arguments and convey it.

 5. Be confident and polite

If you are willing to upgrade your debating skill, try to be as optimistic as possible. A good debater needs to have a proper idea about the concept to express his ideas confidently. 

Being polite and well-behaved is another point of concern. To improve your debating skills, you should be well-mannered.

 6. Clarity of language

While putting an argument in a debate, the debater should skillfully present his ideas and thoughts. 

  • Your words should be clear and audible. 
  • You should have fluency in the language. 
  • The statements can be brief but should be rational and relevant to the topic.

7. Be on the right track

A good debater will try to put forward his arguments in a way that would always be linear. Try not to divert from the topic and go off-track. You need to focus on the given topic and not to alienate from the main point.    

Besides this, debating skills should also be improved. Systematic guidance is required to debate well. 

How to be a good debater? 

how to debate well

You will have to develop your communication skills to present sound arguments in front of your opponent. Keep these points in mind. 

1. Self help

The debating skills require practice and upgradation. A beginner needs to improve his skills through repeated practice at home. As you develop yourself, you will be able to debate well—the editorial part of magazines and newspapers could help improve these skills.

2. Familiar with topic

If you want to be a good debater, you need to get acquainted with the subject.The topic should be familiar to you, utilizing research and experiment. You should try to note down the required points in a nutshell and prepare yourself accordingly.

3. Participation in seminars

To improve your skills, you can look at the seminars, meetings, and various organizational arguments. It will help you understand the key points by which you can elaborate on your thoughts and ideas. 

4. Improve communication skills

An important point to be noted is to enhance communication skills and body gestures. The more presentable are the words, the more you can convince the opponent and know how to debate well.

5. Keep your calm

While trying to be a good debater, you should try to keep calm. If you are willing to convince others and thinking of how to be a good debater, your argument should be to the point and logical. Try not to get excited and hyper; otherwise, the opponents may try to take advantage. 

 6. Try to reach a resolution

 While trying to debate well, it should be kept in mind that your facts should reach a well-formed decision. In that way, you will enhance your debating skill. 

Tips On How To Debate Well

improve debating skills

There are few tips which you may follow to keep your words in the track. Before beginning an argument, take note of the following-

  • Records
  • Facts 
  • Sources
  • Key-words
  • Merits
  • Demerits

The flow mentioned above is helpful for you to memorize and recollect the statements. The debating skills can be enhanced by maintaining these steps. While thinking “how to debate well,” these will keep your thoughts intact and help you to debate well.

Measures taken by a Good Debater

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Other than this, there are a few other measures which can also be of benefit.

  • To be a good debater, you should try to concise your arguments, place them with a proper arrangement, and let the others think about it.
  • Debating skills should include short and brief statements. You will have to explain to them with appropriate examples and incidents.
  • While participating in a debate, try to listen to the opponents very carefully. That will help you find out the shortcomings of their statement and hit on that point. As a result, you will know how to debate well.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your inquiry will make the opponents and the audience realize about your skills. 
  • As an essential part of debating skills, you will try to frame your statements to convince the audience as well. Also, see the fact that they support you.
  • Last but not least, be positive. Then you will be able to debate well. You will always have to focus on the center and move on. 

After the completion of the debate, take a deep breath. How to be a good debater? You can also try to recapitulate the overall topic and your arguments. Like a good debater, a review of your experience of the debate is always advisable. That will help you to gain a well and stable position in front of the audience. If you work hard and improve your skills, you can make a career in debating as well.

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