Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For UPSC IAS Exam

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Committing mistakes in the UPSC CSAT  may take away your golden opportunity of becoming a Civil Service Officer. UPSC IAS exam is one of the prestigious and competitive examinations in India. One of the reasons why the candidates fail to crack the exam is that they don’t learn from their mistakes and keep on repeating them. These mistakes do not allow the aspirants to achieve the best result in the exam. Around 7 lakh students appear for the preliminary civil services exam, but only thousands of candidates clear it due to the high competition level.  Candidates should enroll in the best UPSC CSAT Online Coaching and give sufficient time to self-study as well to achieve high scores in the exam. Here in this article, we have shared the concrete solution to mistakes made by the candidates during their preparation.

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Not Following the Syllabus

UPSC Syllabus is one of the most important factors of the recruitment exam. Many times the candidates avoid following the syllabus because it is lengthy in nature and to save their time they refer only to the study material provided by their coaching. No doubt, the study material provided by the coaching is important. But, it is also essential for candidates to know the importance of the syllabus and the topics covered by it. By following the IAS syllabus, you will be able to save your time by not focusing on the topics that are never asked in the exam. Therefore, it is advised to the candidates to go through the UPSC syllabus before starting the preparation as it can guide them in a better manner.

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Referring Too Many UPSC IAS Books

No doubt UPSC Syllabus is very vast and lengthy but that doesn’t imply that you have to follow too many UPSC IAS Books in the preparation. If you follow too many books for a single topic then it may create confusion on concepts and frustration.  Candidates are advised to refer to one or two books for each section. You can check the online reviews of other aspirants and toppers on books before purchasing them for preparation.

Avoiding Mock Tests

Another common mistake made by candidates is that they avoid practicing mock tests and previous year papers during their preparation. It is true that the UPSC CSAT Exam is highly competitive in nature and the candidates are required to score high in every selection round to crack the exam. In order to ace the exam, it is important to stay ahead in the competition. You should not forget that there is a negative marking for wrong answers in the UPSC Prelims exam. Therefore, you should practice regular mock tests and learn all the shortcuts and tricks to attempt all the answers accurately in the stipulated time.

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Skipping NCERT Books

One of the biggest mistakes candidates commit is that they skip NCERTduring the preparation. With the help of NCERT, you can clear the basic concepts of each and every topic and then refer to the advanced textbooks for core preparation. The good news is that you can also download NCERTs online from authentic platforms for free. The objective of the NCERT books is that they explain each and every topic from the scratch in a very simple manner which helps aspirants in building a strong conceptual grip on all the topics.

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Not Following Current Affairs

Many aspirants do not follow the current affairs on a daily basis or refer to wrong sources during the preparation.  It is important for the candidates to know UPSC Question paper covers most of the questions from the current affairs section. Therefore, the candidates should follow newspapers, magazines, and news channels to prepare for the current affairs section. There are several online platforms and youtube channels providing daily and monthly current affairs for better preparation. Read the newspaper daily for at least one hour and jot down all the news important for the exam and attempt 2-3 current affairs quizzes daily for the revision purpose.

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