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Due to an improper career plan, Indian students are not able to develop in their careers. You need to know the consequences and importance of proper career planning. Here we will concisely discuss what career planning, the factors, career development plan, and steps of it citing relevant examples.

What is Career planning?

what is career planning

Let’s first answer the question: what is career planning? We can say that it is a systematic process that should be followed to improve your skills for meeting the goals’ requirements. Different people have different prospects on a career plan, so they should follow a particular strategy to fulfill their dream in that section. 

What is the importance of Career Planning?

importance of career planning

We have already discussed the question: what is career planning? Now we will know the importance of career planning.

  • The right career planning holds your career in the right path. 
  • It also ensures that you are moving towards your dream instead of wasting time.
  • The proper career plan will assist in finding your desire in life and know how to choose a career
  • Your aim of career will also be fulfilled under the proprietary activities of a proper career plan.
  • Furthermore, you should know your weakness and know how to recover them by facilitating a career plan. So, achieve your dream with a suitable career plan.

There are some problems because of which students cannot decide what career suits them the most. Here are more illustrations on the importance of career planning and student’s problems due to improper career guidance facilities. 

1. Negligence and lack of seriousness about careers

  • To make a proper career plan, India should include 1.4 million career counselors for more than 350 million students. But presently, India cannot provide adequate amounts of career counselors to guide the students.
  • Some CBSE schools have decided to include the counseling wing for the student’s progression to know what career planning is.
  • More than 90% of students lack appropriate career guidance and directions from near schools.
  • In India, the market size for progression and direction to define a proper career plan is above 5000 crores, which is continuously increasing.
  • All the schools need adequate amounts of career counselors for the career development plan.

If you do not make the proper career development plan, you may take some unnecessary courses that are not suitable for you. Before deciding to do any courses, you need to be sure they are appropriate for your academic sessions or make you happy.

2. Career planning provides proper jobs

India’s primary problem is that the degree holders do not get the proper jobs that are right for applying their bits of knowledge. This scenario is caused by improper planning of a career as students don’t do well with their grades as most of the students are not interested in what they are doing. Here are some facts

  • More than 90% of students of master in Business administrations do jobs in the wrong area, and a few only find the proper job for them.
  • Due to unstable planning, students tend to get a lower standard college degree and could not achieve the proper skills. 
  • More than 80% of engineers are now jobless due to less knowledge and no interest in the field. 

So in a word, we can say that a proper career plan can recover India’s job situation.

3. Bad Mental Health for improper career planning

Happiness comes from good contentment in life, which comes from the right disposal, and this is only possible from a stable career. However, reasonable satisfaction improves your mental condition. 

  • If we survey or study India’s National Crime Records Bureau, we can quickly determine the reasons for recent suicides cases. 
  • A massive amount of people are now jobless, and that is why they are committing suicides. 
  • Many students are suffering from various mental issues. These situations also can be overcomed by proper career development planning. 

4. The economic condition suffers due to improper Career planning

To complete your studies from a standard educational institute, you need to pay a vast amount of course fees. There are a lot of students who have to take loans to complete their education. 

  • Above 50% of students cannot meet their loans due to the low salary scale, and interest increases.
  • It’s a significant headache for the graduate students to recover a massive amount of money after getting a job to pay the loan and not continue further higher studies.
  • Improper career planning hampers the country’s economic condition. The students cannot settle their lives and lead a happy life.

Career planning examples

career plan example

1. Discussing plans 

It is the best career plan example to achieve your goal. By sharing your passions with your colleagues, you will know the requirements to fulfill your career dream.

  • Sharing your wishes with colleagues,
  • Comments from them.

2. Variations in career

The variation in career will enhance your present holding place; it is an excellent career plan example. You should follow these objectives for your career planning

  • Follow your strengths instead of wasting time on weaknesses.
  • Change your job time to time to have variation and learn new skills
  • Explore your skills by doing a variety of jobs.

3. Beginning of a Career 

Career planning at the beginning of a career is very important. Students typically focus on establishing an early career choice instead of not realizing the importance of career planning. So the career planning at the beginning of a career is another effective career plan exampleThe proper start of career requires

  • Proper guidance
  • Fixed Purpose
  • Detailed research

Career Development Plan For Students 

career plan plan for students

To create a proper career development plan, you need to follow these easy steps. You can also visit a career counselor and discuss what conclusion you made after following these points for your career.

1. What’s your current position 

In this step, you need to look at your current position. For this, you need to look at

  • Grades in all of your subjects in 10th and 12th?
  • What you like studying and what you don’t?
  • List your natural talents and skills
  • What topic energizes you?
  • What motivates you most to wake up early in the morning?
  • Look at the list of all the career options after 10th and courses available after 12th.

Make a list of these things and shortlist the one which is common in all of these.

2. Make a destination 

You need to widen your view and think about where do you want to view yourself ten years from now. Then you need to make short goals like where do you want to see yourself in the next two years. After that, start working on your goals. You can also make a chart on which you can write your destination goals according to months and years.

3. Analysis of your goals

After you are done with the two steps above, you need to do a proper analysis of your goals and think if the goals you made are possible to achieve in the specific time period or not? If not, then increase the time or reduce your goal for that specific time, and if your goals are easily achievable, you can try to stretch them more to make it more challenging for you.

4. Make the Career development plan

With the help of the three steps above, make a proper career development plan and follow it. You can put it on a wall in your room which will help you to keep motivated. 

5. Re-evaluation and measuring of progress

Re-evaluate your plan from time to time and see if you are doing well or not well according to your plan. If you are doing better than expected, then you can make your plan more challenging. If you are not doing well, try hard to cope with your plan, and analyze what you are doing wrong. It will also help you to know the importance of career planning.

Career Development Plan For Employees

career plan plan for employees

This career development plan for offices will provide you the strategy you should follow to make a good career for the company and working environment for employees. If you follow these steps to make an appropriate career development plan, your company will be seamlessly run. The steps include

1. Examine suitable employees for the betterment of career

It is the first step of the career development plan, helping to find out switchable employees for the next step. You should include

  • Quality employees
  • Employees who have excellent knowledge in their field, etc. 

It will take some time to sort a list of eligible employees.

2. Arrange a meeting

After sorting a list your next step of the career development plan will consist of a meeting to interact with the employees, to proceed you should

  • Send email
  • Call a meeting
  • Set time and plan for proceeding

3. Customize and utilize each plan 

In the next step, you need to customize your plan on how to work with your employees, the steps include

  • Attending seminars
  • Achieving new skills
  • Adapting to new projects, etc

4. Adding effective ideas

An array of useful ideas will enhance your process of career development goals and will assist you in working on the right path of career planning. For example

  • Leadership management
  • Writing skills, etc.

5. Execute Planning

When you have made your career development plan, then you should execute it properly. Make the employees take part in your plan.

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