Career In Digital Marketing | Scope, Courses, Institutes, Salary

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 Digital marketing is the most booming career in today’s time. You can start your career as a digital marketer irrespective of your experience as a fresher or an experienced professional. 

The digital marketing industry is rising every day with numerous opportunities. If you wish to know about some of the profitable job roles to impact this industry with your abilities and skills, then you have landed on the right page. Below is a detailed note on why you need to start your digital marketing career right away if you wish to unlock colossal profit and success. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is a platform that mainly engages in digital technologies, which include computers, mobile phones, desktops, and social media platforms to promote brands and services. Understanding the scope of digital marketing will give a deep insight into how digital marketing is a major chunk of the marketing industry in today’s world where numerous businesses are moving on online platforms. 

As a digital marketer, your role is to reach and attract customers through social media, email, content marketing, and many more. 

So if you are a fresher looking for career opportunities, then you can opt for some good courses in digital marketing to get your career started. 

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The Scope of Digital Marketing in India 

Millions of people across the globe are moving towards this platform to start a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective platforms that will offer immense exposure to beginners’ opportunities. So, you now don’t have to wait until your business grows to gain exposure. All you require are skills and resources to get started. 

The digital marketing industry is growing at such a pace that it has become essential to know what kind of digital role technology will play in our everyday life in the near future. So, starting a career in digital marketing offers an enormous scope with numerous job titles and career options like:

1. SEO Executive

2. Social Media Manager

3. Paid Advertising Manager

4. Digital Marketing Strategist

5. Digital Branding Head

6. Email Marketing Specialist

7. Web Analyst

8. Social Media Specialist

9. Content Marketing Executive

10. Professional Blogging

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Excellent Courses in Digital Marketing to Kick-start Your Career 

If you are looking for some of the best informative courses in digital marketing that can help you learn the relevant skills, then I have listed down a few that you can opt for right away. 

1. Inbound Certification Course by Hubspot Academy

2. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

3. Google Digital Marketing Course

4. Introduction to Social Media Advertising by Buffer

5. Content Marketing Certification Course by Hubspot Academy

6. Copyblogger Online Marketing Course

7. SEMrush Academy Certification Course

8. Facebook Advertising: Facebook Ads Certification Course

9. Digital Skills: Digital Marketing by Future Learn

10. Marketing with Ahrefs

Salary In Digital Marketing 

As a digital marketer, you will have an extensive ground of opportunities to earn a significant amount of money. Over a few years, the digital marketing industry has undergone tremendous growth. So if you are thinking of starting a career in digital marketing, then you don’t have to worry about your salary in digital marketing because, as a digital marketer, you will be earning comparatively higher than people in other industries. 

As a digital marketing professional in India, your salary can range from Rs. 5,00,000 to 18,00,000 per year. It is vital to consider that your salary in digital marketing wholly depends on your experience, skills, and job profile. 

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What Are Some Top Digital Marketing Institutes?

As digital marketing careers are mainstream, you certainly must not miss out on the top digital marketing institutes that can help you out-stand in the challenging industry. To ease your journey, we have mentioned a list of a few top digital marketing institutes in India. 

1. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) – India’s award-winning #1 Digital Skills Institute.

2. Delhi School of Internet Marketing

3. Delhi School of Digital Marketing (DIDM)

4. NIIT Digital Marketing

5. Digital Vidya

It’s never too late to begin your career in digital marketing as you can either opt for some of the best courses in digital marketing or apply in top digital marketing institutes to learn a skill and kick-start your career.

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