Career In Merchant Navy| Eligibility, Courses & Salary

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Do you like to travel, or do you want to sail? If your answer is yes, then you can choose your career in Merchant Navy. Nowadays, many people are choosing this option as their career. This way, your desire to explore the Earth will be fulfilled, and you can also increase your bank balance. 

If you want to lead an adventurous life, if you’re going to roam the world like a free bird, this article will help you. See the Merchant Navy courses and prepare yourself because the career in Merchant Navy is a great option and is very different from Indian navy. The Navy Merchant salary is also excellent. You have to fulfill the requirements needed for Merchant Navy eligibility.

Merchant Navy as a Career


Well, choosing the job of the Merchant Navy seems to be a prestigious job. It is quite a challenging job and it is very glamorous because they have to export and import goods from one country to another.

Well, coming to the main topic that the main work of the Merchant Navy is to deal with commercial items like food, oil, chemicals. There are no specific duty hours. It can take one month or even six months. The best part of this job is that you can explore the world. But never think this one to be an easy task. They have to handle lots of work responsibilities. For example, a desk officer’s job is to update the GPS and navigate the ship and check the weather forecast. Similarly, navy officer loads and unloads the cargo. They also give training to the new staffers.

They have many responsibilities. Moreover, the Navy Merchant salary is also recommendable. Have a look at the Merchant Navy eligibility criteria.

Merchant Navy Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

If you seriously have a passion for joining and build your career in Merchant Navy, then here are the norms stated below for Merchant Navy Eligibility Criteria.

  • You have to study Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in 10+2.
  • Another criterion is that the candidate has to be unmarried, both male and female.
  • They need Clear vision; however, 2.5 plus or minus can be allowed.
  • This exam is an MCQ pattern test from subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and General Intelligence.
  • Candidates are allowed only after clearing the entrance examination followed by screening tests and written exams.
  • The short-term ship training course is needed in which the candidates get to learn security concerns during the voyage.

Responsibilities and Roles of Merchant Navy Officers

  • Merchant Navy Officers operate all the electrical & mechanical equipments.
  • They look after Power Generation, Ventilation, Pumping systems, and many more.
  • They keep a unique eye on the field of Marine Engineering.
  • The air compressor, sewage, pumps are all taken care of by them.
  • They examine, test, Check, and strengthen mechanical controls and buzzer networks.
  • Evaluation is done for all the operations of the marine appliance during shakedown cruises & acceptance testing.
  • They struggle as a Marine Design Engineer, Marine Consultant, Propulsion Machinery Service Engineer, Marine Engineer, Marine Surveyor, Project Engineer, Marine Engineering Consultant, and Ships Equipment Engineer.

Merchant Navy colleges in India

Merchant Navy Colleges

There are good chances for the Merchant Navy in India. Many Indians are trying their luck. There are many institutes which will guide you to get a chance in the Merchant Navy.

  • C.V Raman College of Engineering(Bhubaneshwar)
  • Chennai School of Ship Management(Chennai)
  • CMC Maritime Academy(Chennai)
  • AMET University(Chennai)
  • Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies and Research. (Haldia)
  • Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy. (Karjat)
  • NUSI Maritime Academy(Goa)

Merchant Navy Courses

Merchant Navy Courses

Some private institutions are there, which gives you training for Merchant Navy Courses.

Courses after 10th

If you want to pursue your career in Merchant Navy after class 10, you can do the following courses.

  • G.P Rating
  • Commercial Diving
  • Nautical Science Diploma
  • Near Coastal Voyage

Courses after 12th

After passing class 12, you can pursue the following courses.

  • Marine Engineering (B.E)
  • Petroleum Engineering (B.E)
  • Mechanical Engineering (B.E)
  • Civil Engineering (B.E)
  • Harbour and Ocean Engineering (B.E)
  • Electro-Technical Officer Course
  • B.Sc Nautical Science

So choose the Merchant Navy courses wisely.

Merchant Navy Salary

Merchant Navy Salary

The demand for the Merchant Navy is very high. People can make their careers prosper if they join here. However, it is a difficult job, and the saddest part is you have to leave your family for a long time. The Navy Merchant salary depends from place to place and city to city, company to company, and works. The increment is good, and it will go on increasing. 

Other than that, the Merchant Navy provides your medical card for you and your family, P.F, D.A, T.A, etc. So, if you want to flourish, then go for it. They have offered free meals four times a day. The senior officers are allowed to take their members of the family with them.

  • A junior Engineer can receive Rs. 30,000 per month, along with free boarding and lodging.
  • The Chief Engineer earns Rs 1.5 lakh per month, along with many privileges. 
  • The third Officers salary is almost Rs. 50,000, along with free accommodation and flooding.
  • A Captain’s package is practically 2 lakhs or more than that.

Besides this, all sorts of facilities and entertainment are provided, like liquor, tea, coffee, cigarettes, cosmetics, soap, shampoo, towels, juices, etc. They remain on leave for 4 months obviously with the salary. 

The outstanding feature is that you don’t have to pay any income tax. It takes 6 to 7 years for every post to get a promotion. After getting a promotion, not only will your salary increase but also your responsibility will increase.

Retirement Age

The retirement age is 62, but if you want to retire early, you can take voluntary retirement at 55. Even you can take pension health at any age. But if your health permits, then you can efficiently work up to how much you like. There are no age restrictions. 

After retirement, there is no benefit of pensions in the Merchant Navy. However, they give a lump sum about gratuity, which is enough for you to survive. 

All in All

If you seriously like to explore the world and an excellent package, try your best to get a job and fulfill the Merchant Navy eligibility. Try to take preparation after completing class 10; this way, your dream can come true. The career in the Merchant Navy is excellent. As it has mentioned earlier also, the salary of the Navy Merchant salary is an attractive package. So without wasting time, prepare yourself for Merchant Navy courses.

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