A Career In Fashion Designing| Detailed Guide

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In the last few years, Fashion designing in India has become very popular. Now the youth of India is looking forward to making a career in Fashion Designing.

The average income of people of Indian has increased, and they have also raised themselves to better lifestyles compared to they had in the past. This attire desire increased the Fashion Designers demand who are specialized in designing and creating new garments. The designers help the common folk choose their dresses and cater to their other tastes from different walks of life.

Fashion Designing as a Career

Fashion designing

A fashion designer has a creative mindset, and those who are opting for their career in fashion designing will be financially rewarded and will become very popular with their hard work.

  • Fashion Designing is usually looked at as a field full of the designing area which is limited to glamor, but it is full of cut-throat competition and a massive number of daily challenges.
  •  Fashion designing as a career has a good scope in India and abroad. Like fashion designers have an excellent opportunity to make their careers in countries like Canada, the USA, U.K., and countries in the European Union.
  •  A career in fashion designing in India is limited to the clothing industry, but they can also indulge in many other options like textile designing, cloth production, research, etc.
  • After completing studies, they also have a bright career in garment manufacturing, export units, fashion houses, etc.
  •  The scope of fashion designing is limited to garments, but it has exposure to many other aspects, such as footwear, jewelry, accessories, etc.

Scope of Fashion Designing in India

There is a lot of scope of fashion designing in India. Students looking for their career in Fashion designing in India have a lot of choices; many of them are as follows

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Merchandiser

The scope of fashion designing in this field is vast.

  • A fashion merchandiser’s job is to study different fashion trends and then select an appropriate strategy to sell his fashion product. The in-depth analysis of the past and the latest fashion trends and the sales data are very useful for this type of role.
  •  The Fashion Merchandiser professionals must know varieties of textures, production procedures, fashion trends, fabrics, hues, and the demand for these fashion products in the market.

Fashion Designer 

Fashion Designer

A fashion designer designs new products according to the latest trends in the market.

  • Fashion Designers are the key players in the fashion industry because they are creative, hardworking, and can think outside the box under pressure with a positive attitude.
  •  If you have all these qualities inside you, you can fulfill your dreams by pursuing your career as a fashion designer.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist

The job of the fashion stylists is to give a bold appeal to the models. For making the models look apart, they have to select, do, and maintain their hairstyles, makeup and dress code, etc.

  •  As the number of fashion shows increases in India, the Fashion Stylists demand is also growing.
  • The Fashion Stylists help the models dress in preparation for their different fashion shows.

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator makes the initial sketches of the idea given by the fashion designer.

  • First, the fashion designers explain all the things to the illustrator that what they really want in the description, and after that, the fashion illustrator prepares a sketch.
  •  The scope of fashion designing as a fashion illustrator is also good.

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion Coordinator

The fashion coordinator’s main task is to arrange an appropriate marketing policy for their fashion designing house.

  •  Their mission is limited only to organize the fashion shows and in the advertisement of the products. Are in no way related to the task of designing.
  • Their responsibilities include hosting fashion shows, advertising products, etc.  

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultants help their clients in the development of their personal and professional images.

  • A fashion consultant should know all the latest fashion trends in the industry.
  • The consultant should also know fashion designing so that they can help their clients enhance their personal or professional images.

Courses in Fashion Designing

Courses in Fashion designing

There are 2 types of courses in fashion designing

  1. B.Sc in Fashion Designing (Recommended)
  2. Diploma in Fashion Designing (Not Recommend)

B.Sc in Fashion Designing

  •  The duration of this fashion designing course is 3 years (6 semesters).
  •  It is UGC approved.
  •  In this, the students learn the art of converting ideas and craftsmanship into useful processes of fashion technology like designing, production, and marketing, etc.
  • In the past few years, the scope in B.Sc. fashion designing is increasing.
  • After completing their Secondary Education, the students are finding a broad range in B.Sc. fashion designing.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

  • The duration of this course is 1 year.
  • It is not UGC approved.

These are the types of courses in Fashion Designing.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for courses in fashion designing a candidate to pursue the B.Sc. fashion designing course should have the minimum qualification of the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) from a recognized Board.

Best Designing Colleges In India

Colleges in Fashion designing

There are various institutes in which students can apply for courses in fashion designing for the B.Sc. fashion designing course. But there is difficulty in finding the best Designing colleges in India. Here, I have also given you a list of best Designing colleges in India. The students are selected for the course based on their performance in a relevant entrance test, followed by a counseling round.


NIFT, Delhi was established in 1986 in collaboration with the FIT, New York by the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. It is the best designing colleges in India.

  • NIFT Delhi has highly advanced facilities in the study of designing field. NIFT Delhi offers regular and Continuing Education (C.E.) courses to the students.
  • This designing college has the heritage of richest and eminent alumni such as Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, and Ritu Beri.

Website: https://www.nift.ac.in/delhi/


The NIFT, Mumbai, is situated in India’s fashion capital, has the best academic staff, and gives the best training to the students so that they can leave a mark in the fashion industry.

  •  NIFT Mumbai was established in 1995 in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.
  • NIFT Mumbai provides has the best infrastructure on its campus. The design college has all the basic and advanced class types of equipment, computer labs, and classrooms for study.
  • The institute also has a world-classless gym, indoor & outdoor sports facilities for the students pursuing their graduation under this institute.

Website: https://www.nift.ac.in/mumbai/


This fashion designing college, NIFT, Chennai offers all the advanced art facilities to its students.

  • The students are provided various industrial visits from time to time to give a realistic idea to the students about fashion designing.
  •  It is one of the best designing colleges in India.

Website: https://www.nift.ac.in/chennai/

Salary in Fashion Designing

After completing the course, the graduates are initially offered a salary ranging between INR 3 and 12 Lacs. The wages of the employees will increase with their expertise and experience in the field. The graduates completed their course in B.Sc. fashion designing from the best Designing colleges in India are more likely to get higher salary benefits. 

Fashion designing is a great field and has a lot of scope in it. There are many good colleges in India from which you can choose one to study fashion designing and make a career out of it. 

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