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Have you ever considered pursuing a career in Counselling and wondered how to become a career counsellor? Many individuals seek a career coach or counselor’s advice and expertise from a career guidance program before they choose to pursue their careers in a respective field. The people who seek their guidance might be students, job seekers, or even professionals who need assistance. First, let us take a look at what a career counselor does for their clients before going into how to become a career counsellor. 

Role of a Career Counselor

Career Counseller

Career counseling can be seen as a crucial requirement today, because many parents, especially in India, want their children to pursue a career in medicine or technology. However, their child may have other interests. Therefore, it is vital that career counseling is consulted before they can make a sound career decision in such cases. The scope of Counselling, if provided well, can make a huge impression on the life of a child.  

  • The work of a career counselor includes helping their clients understand themselves, their potential, and how to apply their potential in the real world, to make solid decisions in education and occupation. 
  • Career counselors guide career development theories, facilitation skills, and formal and informal assessment and case management.
  • Most of the clients want to know the best career options after 10th or courses available after 12th.

Skills learned through career counseling often end up long-lasting tools that can help a client make future career and take life decisions independently. The counselor evaluates their clients’ background, education, and training and eventually develops realistic goals. 

how to become a career Counsellor

Career Counselling aspects

Answers to this question is not easy as students go to career counselors to help them find the right career. So if you are looking how to become a career counsellor, the first thing you need is a Bachelor’s Degree in any field of your choice. Then for your Masters, you will need a degree in Counselling, emphasizing Career Counselling. 

However, if you already have a master’s degree, you can enroll in a graduate certificate program in Career Counselling. Once this is done, all that is required is some practical knowledge and experience.

Career counseling courses

Some career counselling courses that provide certification include The International Certified Career Coach Program, by Mindler and Career Development Alliance

Now that you have looked at the career counselling course, you might have a clear concept of how to become a career counsellor. 

Universities offering Career Counseling Courses 

Here are some of India’s top institutes that provide career counselling courses

  • Delhi University
  • National Institute of Educational Research and Training
  • CVM Institute of Human Resource Development
  • SGT University

A Career in Counselling 

Career Counselling

Before you pursue a career in Counselling, it is best to get as much exposure as possible, through relevant internships. If you get certification in career counselling courses, it will also help you pursue a career in Counselling. Not only will it enhance your skills, but it will also give you some new ideas. 

Important Aspects of Career Counseling 

The skills that are required to be a career counselor can include a huge range of skill sets.

  • Once you have set up your career guidance program, the most important thing for a career counselor is to have proper communication skills. They have not only to play the role of a mentor but also act like a friend when required. You can look at a proper career development plan and it’s importance to know the important aspects properly.
  • The second important thing is to have proper knowledge of the current job market and the current opportunities. Without this, despite your best intentions, you will fail in your efforts to help your client’s needs. Remember that your career guidance program will only attract more clients if you help them realize their full potential.

Career Counselling In India

Career Counsel

Over time, the importance of career counselling in India is increasing. Let us look at a few key points for this reason. 

  • A survey conducted in 2019 found that only approximately 20% of engineers in India are employable. The reason behind this is the lack of scope of Counselling. If one chooses a career due to peer, societal or parental pressure and pass out, they may still not be fit for their job as they won’t have the necessary skills. It makes career counselling extremely important, and schools should give their students the scope of Counselling. 
  • Another reason why people need to visit a career guidance program before making solid decisions is due to lack of awareness, many people make the mistake of making decisions based on grades. It is also important that career guidance programs are set up in schools to receive proper guidance before they enter university. 

Challenges in career in counselling 


Even if you have taken up a career in Counselling, remember that you might be facing several challenges and problems with your clients but you need to tell them how to choose a career in the best possible aspect.. Let us take a look at some of them. 

  • Sometimes the client might be unwilling to talk to you, as they might be having trust issues. In such a situation, you should try to relate to what they must be going through before speaking to them. Do not force them to talk about anything, but instead, tell them that you are open to hearing about anything if they are willing to talk. 
  • A client might be forced by family and friends to attend your counselling session, which might lie or show disinterest in proper communication. It is important that you share your personal stories to make the client feel interested in such a situation. Also try to pick up a topic to talk, in which the client is comfortable with. 
  • If your client is angry during a session, please remember that the best option is not to argue in such a situation. Instead try to validate the client’s anger, apologize to them for angering them, and try to address their issues without challenging them.  
  • There are times you might also come across clients who think you are terrible at your job. Though they might have the right to question your credentials, it is best that you make it clear at the beginning itself, regarding the kind of help that your clients can expect. You need to make sure in advance that they don’t come to you looking for problems for which there is no solution. Even after you try to work it out, if your client is still willing to come to an understanding, then it is best that you try to end it smoothly. 

All in All

Remember that a career in Counselling is not that easy and there is good scope of Counselling, and at times you will need to remember to maintain your professionalism.

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