How To Choose A Career Path When Confused? Follow These 8 Steps: Confused Indian

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There are a lot of questions in a students mind like how to choose a career path? What’s the best approach for career selection?  Mostly career and job are thought to be same as one another; however, they are entirely two different terms. Your ‘job’ is your ‘role’ in society. Whereas, when you pledge a job for a considerable time of your life, you avail opportunities to accomplish tasks, and you make progress in your post. Your job simply turns to your ‘career’. 

In short, career is your ‘journey’ of learnings, progress and achievements of your life.

As per career choice is concerned, it requires sufficient period of life, and most importantly, there are specific goals behind every career one chooses. Now a question arises, how to choose a career path which must be worth the period of life one spends in building his career. Here are four crucial questions that can help you to know how to choose your career wisely.

How To Choose Your Career

how to choose your career

There are some points which you should keep in mind for career selection. They will help you to know how to choose your career in the best way possible. 

What is your area of interest?

career selection

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” _ Albert Einstein

Look for the fields where you find yourself passionate. Because your passion for something is your sincere interest in that. Besides, you can do anything and everything for what you are passionate for while making a career choice. A career counselor also uses these points to help you choose a career

What is your expertise? 


Never consider any of your skills or talents ordinary because none of them is. You don’t really know what you are capable of. Choose your expertise as your career while doing career selection, and you will be unstoppable.

If you are a student in school then you can look at the all the career options after 10th and the courses available after 12th and make a list of the topics that interest you the most.

What is accessible?


It is essential to analyze what things are accessible around you which you can use as steps to reach where you aim to. This will help you to know how to choose a career path. Once you identify the accessibility or scope of the career you decided to choose, you can then quickly start your career. Reaching out to training providers is also not a bad idea. For example, if you want to start a career as a DevOps developer then you should reach out to trainers of DevOps certification.

Once you make a career choice, you won’t be done with it. You will have to try to achieve your career goals efficiently so that you make sure to live a comfortable and successful life. Below are some significant steps that can help you achieve your career goals and know how to choose your career.

Plan and take action

how to choose a career path

“A goal without plan is just a dream.”

It is important for everyone who want to achieve their career goals in life and know how to choose a career path to take actions like working hard and give their best to achieve their purpose. You can also look for a proper career development plan for students as well.

Are you a good debater?


Many careers require debating skills such as lawyers, philosophy professors, leaders and politicians which require debating skills to be professional in their careers.

Explore alternative ways to achieve your goals

career choice

The more the alternatives you have, the more chances you get to achieve your goals. Therefore, it is obligatory to specify various alternatives while making career selection.

Hard works and practices

Hard work

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

Surely if one works hard and practices his skills and talents on regular basis, he will be unbeatable.

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.” Because achieving your career goals are why you chose the career.

Business as a Career


The term business refers to sells and buys of product in an organized and professional way for profit and making more money.

For making a business which is sucessful one needs to know how to handle things well. You need to have good skills in handling staff and clients and good knowledge of the field in which you want to run a business. 

Five Career/ Business/ Startups Without Investment

Now that you know how to choose your career. Here are five business, startups or career ideas, they don’t require any initial investment and surely of which you barely thought.



Freelancing is an open business for everyone, and it requires no qualification and investment at all. All you need is passion and skills. Freelancing involves freelance typing, writing, web designing, web developer and many more. Besides, these all works are online, which is so up to mark these days. Overall it is a great career choice. You can look at some freelancing sites online to get online projects.

Social Marketing

Social marketing

If you are a skilled presenter and you know how to debate well, then you can be a perfect person for social marketing. All you would need to do is use your skills and invite people to buy any company’s products, and in return, the company would pay you a healthy amount.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

I believe one of the most soothing jobs is being a personal assistant of a manager, a university professor who is a real busy man or any celebrity. Just manage their activities, and you will not only earn the right amount of money with great opportunities.

Mehandi / Makeup Artist


Most of the girls think that they are not capable of earning because of their low qualification. However, they can earn more than a girl who is high qualified only if they discover their talents and use those skills and talents to startup a business or career i.e. Indian girls are so good at applying mehandi and makeup which are two mandatory things in all functions and ceremonies for ladies of all age.

Online Tutor

Online Tutor

An online tutor is one who teaches, trains or guide people in certain fields through social media. For instance, you can help students learn a subject, improve their debating skills, be a good writer, a good debater, a programmer, or you can teach them presentation skills as these areas are significant for any student of any level. Most are not good enough at these areas and require an excellent tutor.

“Dream big, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey”

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