5-year full-time BBA LLB Admissions Open – Enroll Now

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BBA LLB is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law, a five-year integrated dual-degree programme, often divided into ten-semester coursework. The BBA LLB programme integrates the study of management and legislative law independently. BBA LLB is increasingly becoming a preferred choice among students as corporate and business entities are gaining prominence globally. Moreover, a legal career or profession is among the most respectable and honourable professions. The scope of building a career in law, as nearly all sectors have legal matters, leads to increasing demand for law graduates.

If you are just out of school and looking for a professional degree to help you carve a futuristic career, then trust me, BBA LLB admission can be your stepping stone. Admission to the BBA LLB programme is open for students to apply. If you are a potential law student, here’s everything you need to know about the programme to make a well-informed decision. 

BBA LLB: An Overview

The five-year BBA LLB is an undergraduate professional degree programme that students can pursue after completing senior secondary schooling. This course allows students to have the concepts of law and business administration. In the initial stage, this course undertakes the study of commerce or business subjects and later moves towards imparting legal knowledge. To pursue a BBA LLB programme, students must have a minimum of 50% in the higher and senior secondary exams. 

The course deals with all aspects of the business to make the graduate versed in understanding the complexities of the business world, along with the knowledge of corporate law and regulatory affairs. Here is the business aspect of this course:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management 
  • International Finance
  • Consumer Behaviour and Market Research
  • Business Accounting
  • International Business

To build a strong understanding of the law, the following aspects of it are covered:

  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Laws
  • Constitutional Law
  • Family Law
  • Law of Evidence
  • Law of Crimes
  • Company Law
  • Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act
  • Labour Law

The BBA LLB course also allows students to choose a law specialisation to build expert knowledge of a law discipline. Here are the prominent law specialisation offered:

  • Energy Law
  • Labour Law
  • Constitution Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance Law
  • International Trade and Investment Law
  • Media and Entertainment Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Forensic Science and Law
  • Cyber Law

The students choose a specialisation based on the CGPA of the 4th/6th semester. 

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A career in law is financially satisfying and offers a great sense of fulfillment that comes from assisting society’s members in becoming more aware of their fundamental human rights. However, it is crucial to emphasise that in India, a legal profession does not always entail defending clients in tribunals and courtrooms, although it still does in many cases. Law graduates can also work as Consultants, Judges, Litigators, and Analysts and as legal advisors to government, organisations, corporations, and people on legal challenges and conflicts. Therefore leading institutions and law schools have introduced five years of integrated BBA LLB, BA LLB, and BCom LLB programmes to nurture future legal advisors for the corporate giants.

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