Best Video Editing Tips for Marketers in different Industries

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As per the Cisco Video Networking Index Format, there is an upsurge in video popularity. It is expected to cross multifold figures between 2017-2022. Videos are presently 82% of the total internet traffic. Undoubtedly, it is expanding as one of the most preferred tools for communication.  

Gone are those days when videos were used only for entertainment purposes. As per statistics, 87% of the businesses use videos as one of their prime marketing tools instead of 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018. More and more people are into technical and educational videos. There is a vast majority of other industries as well where videos are used as the primary tool for communication. 

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Videos are the present-day rising star of the business. To create videos, make sure that you have an objective and a well-planned approach in hand. But only with correct video editing skills will you be able to tap the market. With user-friendly web-based online video editor platforms, editing video is no more an uphill battle. Video Editing is what helps you to attract more eyeballs as well as deliver the correct message to the audience. And this holds for all the industries where videos are being used currently. 

Let’s have a look at some of the key video editing tips and how it varies across industries.

Video Editing Tips For Marketers

1. Financial Industry 

This is a numerically strong industry. Reliability and ease of information are the priority here. Thus, while designing videos, it is vital to focus on crisp and well-edited crystal clear videos.

Video Editing Tips

The video must have a clear set of data. No points in making a long video that does not convey any information and rather confuses the viewers. Keep the background sound minimal to none. The background color is best to be kept muted or in light shades. Focus on the numbers and their analysis. In this video, mostly the discussion is taking place between financial analysts, and thus it is very important to focus on the numerical and text. So, make sure that with this objective, you design the complete video. 

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2. Real Estate Industry

One of the newbie industries now looking to bank the video marketing trend. Buying a home is always the biggest milestone of life, and thus, there is an unprecedented amount of flow of emotions at this time. But along with emotions, some real-time information also can be conveyed through these videos. 

Video Editing Tips

The objective of a real estate video is to highlight the project features. Thus, while designing the video, make sure that you neatly present all the project highlights. Focus on any new and sustainable areas of your project. You can also showcase your project updates through these videos. Try to include the credibility part as well. In case your builder has received some accreditations, then the same must be part of your video. Try also to mention some testimonials but keep them as brief and realistic as possible. 

And last but not least, zoom in on the emotions. Slow-motion emphasis might prove to be helpful here. A blend of all the above key elements will make this video successful. 

3. Food Industry

The Internet is filled with lakhs of food videos. Thanks to the lockdown and the trend of eating healthy and with minimal ingredients, food recipe videos are experiencing an unprecedented level of success. 

Video Editing Tips

The objective of food recipe videos are to convince the viewers to get set down with making the same. Thus, your videos must be attractive, and the recipe must echo ease at the same time. The best way to catch attention in the food recipe videos is to use the correct effects. Also, the food videos must focus only on the ingredients and the recipe. It can work equally well even without a sound. You can mention everything in bullet points through the text presentation only. And if you are using sound, then make sure that it is clear and relevant. 

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4. Medical Industry

In the medical industry, there are several areas where videos can be used. It can be used to demonstrate a new medical device, or how you can test patients, exhibit the nearest and fully equipped medical facility and lastly, capture some success stories. As and when the video goals will differ, the video editing tips will also change. 

Video Editing Tips

When it is only a medical equipment video, then understand that the visuals and audio are of prime importance. There is absolutely no need for effects at this point. Keep both the image and the text or the narration part with utmost clarity. The same stands true for the medical exhibit part as well. But when it comes to the success stories, then you need to tap on the humane part. Make sure that their testimonials are recorded in their native language only. You can go ahead and translate them into your language. You will be able to tap the real emotions in their native language only. 

5. Science Industry

This is an extremely crisp video where only relevant information makes it to the final slate. It can work with or without sounds quite well, depending on the content. These videos are not too lavish; they just need to focus on the scientific achievements, advancements, and such related information. 

Video Editing Tips

The content of this video is the total winner here. Thus, make sure that you keep all the eyes focused only on the content part. The effects and everything else can take a backseat. Let these videos be simple so that the real information is conveyed. If you need to incorporate videos and the text, then make sure that both of them are going well together and complementing each other. Also, while using text, make sure that it is self-explanatory and to the point. 

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And it’s a cut 

Let’s explore the world of videos. The trick with videos is to find an optimum balance between ease of information with the correct length and a sense of curiosity. And with correct video editing skills, you can see a marked improvement in the viewership of your videos.

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