Get your Upwork profile approved Instantly

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Upwork is one of the most significant freelancing services and a stable source for self-employed customers. Yet even freelancers with a good Upwork profile rejected. Many readers on my blog find it challenging to gain Upwork profile approval. So, how to approve Upwork profile? 

When you are looking for the Upwork profile approval, you should know what Upwork is looking for; it is much easier to create the implementation so that it is accepted quicker. Let me answer what you should do instead so that your application does not get denied. The team of Upwork seems more than willing to support and approve your profile as a freelancer. What you need to take is the right approach.

Today I will share tested tactics, and I have managed to increase the odds of your profile being accepted by Upwork in behind the scenes.

Why is Your upwork profile rejected?

upwork profile rejected

The frequent questions one could have included, why does Upwork does not approve my profile? And how to get approved in Upwork? 

Upwork is among the leading freelancing sites. It is also obvious that someone who wants to be a self-employed individual makes an Upwork profile. They reject profiles of the freelancers who bring little value to the workforce. It is for the improvement of the others who are serious about freelancing.

How to obtain Upwork profile approval?

how to approve upwork profile

Please don’t despair if you get your Upwork profile rejected. It’s not an indication that you should give up or shop looking for a future in freelancing. You have to know what Upwork is looking for in its potential freelancers. Here are a few steps which can be taken on how to get approved in Upwork.

1. When registering, choose a business email address

upwork profile approval tricks

To register for an Upwork profile approval account, use your email address, and one of the first things you can note is that Upwork needs a business email account.

Why is a business email address necessary? Well, that’s important because Upwork searches for freelancers who are serious about freelancing. So, a good way of how to approve Upwork profile and show Upwork that you are serious about freelancing is taking the time to create a company email address. Fortunately, setting up an email account is not difficult. I advise you to take five minutes and establish your own via Gmail and get rid of the issue with this first way of how to get approved in Upwork.

2. Choose a maximum of subcategories

how to get approved in upwork

One of the significant Upwork profile approval tricks most of us should follow is after registering, Upwork will allow you to choose the categories and subcategories in which you are going to look for work. Up to 10 subcategories are included, and I prefer to pick as many as possible. Various subcategories show that on Upwork a person can apply for many different jobs. It allows you to be a more versatile freelancer and a strong choice for a range of clients.

3. Register all the skills


Next, all your skills will be entered. You can select for up to ten, and again, each skill you consider relevant should be chosen. I advise you not to overanalyze the portion of skills. Upwork will motivate you to learn future talents, so pick 10 to suit well and step forward.

You can also inspect other freelancer profiles to see what skills people have picked if you’re having difficulties.

4. Complete the overview portion


The overview portion is like your Upwork “about me” section. It is where you communicate, your background, your skills, and what you have to offer is provided. And when the clients come to your page, it is the first thing customers will see, so it must be good. My advice is to make it as descriptive as possible.

5. Specific Title


The title is also one of the critical factors on how to approve Upwork profile. Your title is a concise sentence that sums up the whole professional experience and everything you plan to offer to customers. 

I know it can be a struggle to come up with a suitable title. Try to look for different titles that other freelancers with the same skills have provided on Upwork. It will surely help.

6. Attach the entire history of work and education


I had difficulty filling up my employment and education history when I first started to work as a freelancer on Upwork. Most of all, because I haven’t finished high school and my job history was very limited. I was very sealed up to pass through these sections for these reasons. Yet if I didn’t have something, I knew it would look bad and so I gave my best shot. 

7. Pick a professional rate for upwork profile approval


It is the last Upwork profile approval tricks by which you can avoid getting your Upwork profile rejected. I set my hourly rate at $10 an hour when I first registered at Upwork. That was what I learned from my studies, and I felt that as a freelancer, it was a fair start rate. If your rate is $10 an hour or less, the industry and potential customers think 

  • You have almost no experience.
  • This person might not have many skills.
  • You are not sure that you can deliver to customers.

I think that’s not the impression, so take yourself seriously. The absolute lowest hourly rate I’d suggest is $30 an hour. And with more experience, you can increase your rate accordingly.



Hopefully, this article showed you that you could approve your profile on Upwork with Upwork profile approval tricks. My final argument is not to overthink this procedure. Please do your best, and get on with it. You can still switch and later boost your profile. And you can always change your profile and try again if your profile is not accepted.

I hope you got your answer on the highly searched topic i.e., how to approve Upwork profile.

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