21 Small Food Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

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The food industry is a complex mixture of a global network that constitutes a diverse network of businesses crafted to supply most of the food consumed by the global population. Manufacturing of food is the magical transformation of agricultural products into food products. 

Many people are lured by the lucrative business opportunities of the food processing industry. Still, most of them lack the food production business ideas that will keep them afloat on this journey. Thus, we have curated a list of 21 astonishing and mind-boggling small-scale food processing business ideas that will sparkle your food processing journey.

21 Food Manufacturing Business Ideas With Low Investment

1. Dairy Products

Dairy products have constituted a significant part of our diet since the time of yore. Items like milk, cheese, curd, and eggs are being consumed daily in multiple forms across all ages, making it one of the most profitable food processing business opportunities for those seeking to enter the world of food production. 

2. Bakery

Thinking about small food manufacturing business ideas and not touching the topic of Bakery seems unrealistic. The fondness we have for cakes, bread and cookies is growing gradually. Thus, opening a bakery could also be one of the most profitable food processing business ideas.

3. Fruit Juice

Starting small with one of the most promising small scale food processing business ideas can take you places. The richness and freshness of fresh fruit can attract customers quicker than one could have imagined.

4. Wine Manufacturing

Having a winery has been the dream of many. Wineries hold a special place in the bundle of excellent food production business ideas. If you get a hold on this one, you can gain massive profitable returns.

5. Ketchup Manufacturing

Whether you consume Indian or Western dishes, many of them require ketchup. 

Imagine eating French fries without ketchup?!

Not possible. Right?

That is why this constitutes as the king of food manufacturing business ideas.

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6. Honey Production

Procuring honey may seem daunting, but the search for pure and organic honey has left many people stranded. 

Be the saviour of the age-old grandma’s home remedy ingredient; use this honey-making process as the charm for your small food manufacturing business ideas.

7. Rice Mill

Rice is the main crop of India after wheat and constitutes the staple diet of many. Feeding 65% of Indians, rice mills have been among the best things to happen in the food industry. If you find your self scratching your head for food manufacturing business ideas, this one is a winner.

8. Spices

What is Indian food with spices? A bland blob?

We have been watching our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts make mouth watering food with spices’ concoction. Making spices can bring smiles on the faces of Indian cooks and become a source of joy for the makers.

Who doesn’t want to eat delicious food?

9. Nut Butter Production

As western influence grows stronger today, health becoming an essential factor in our diet. Thus, the pool of food production business ideas starting a nut butter production can be an intelligent choice.

10. Diet Food Manufacturing

With health comes diet food, it is not necessarily always healthy, but some brands make more nutritious options for regular food. You too can think of joining the bandwagon of diet food makers.

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11. Ginger Garlic Paste Production

The ginger garlic paste is the essential ingredient of many Indian dishes, and opening its production can be a great pick from various small food manufacturing business ideas.

12. Ice Cream Manufacturing

Another choice from a diversity of small scale food processing business ideas is ice cream production. The favorite treat during the summer months can offer great scope for a prospering business.

13. Lemonade Making

Another summertime treat- Lemonade. We have been drinking summer cooling drinks and are always on the lookout for more- this could be your chance to make it big with this most profitable food processing business.

14. Handmade Chocolates

A childhood passion for making cute designer chocolates can turn into one of the most prosperous small scale food processing business ideas. Melt dark chocolate and the ingredients you like, pour them into your favorite molds, pack them and sell them at a profitable price. 

15. Pickle Making

North Indians love to eat pickles, a staple with paranthas and butter, which can be an opportunity like never before in business. Making pickle could be the needle you have been searching for in the hay of food manufacturing business ideas.

16. Pasta Making

As grandchildren turn towards pasta and spaghetti, many Indian parents and grandparents have started eating them. The growing demand for pasta eaters has created immense potential in such small scale food processing business ideas. 

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17. Noodle Production

With Covid giving us ample time at home and a chance to experiment in our kitchen, many people have started to buy noodles making it another similar idea revolves around making noodles.

18. Chips Production

Chips fall under the category of junk food and comfort food. The market for chips buyers has seen a storming increase in the past few years. Once known as a potato driven industry has now diversified into ragi, multigrain and so much more, giving it the tag of the ideal choice from numerous food production business ideas.

19. Namkeens and Homemade Snacks

Indians love their comfort food, and namkeens are one such snack that has been around for centuries. Every state has its special namkeen that are available across the country. The banana chips, the namak paaras, the murmuras have been with us since childhood. So why not make it a business?

20. Vegetable Oil Processing

Although we have seen no or zero oil cooking options, vegetable oils are a staple in everyone’s home. Making and selling this widely bought item can be a grand entry in the food industry.

21. Condensed Milk Production

When it comes to condensed milk, there is not much competition. Only a few companies control the market for this food item. Making a food item that makes our desserts taste delicious could be a profitable business opportunity.

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