10 Small Business Ideas In Sikkim With Low Investment In 2023

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Suppose you are a Sikkim resident and want to start a small business but don’t know how! Don’t worry! Today I have come up with ten small business ideas in Sikkim that can help you kick-start your business right away.

10 Small Business Ideas In Sikkim

business ideas in sikkim

1. Open A Coffee Shop

If you are like me, then you might be starting your day with coffee. So, opening a coffee shop is one of the best small business ideas in Sikkim that you can start with. Over the past decade, the demand for coffee has increased, and the coffee shop industry is coming into view. If you wonder how to create a small business, you should take a stab at this little business idea with low investment. It is one of the best startup ideas in Sikkim.

2. Start A Home-stay Business

If you are a Sikkim resident, then starting your own home-stay business is one of the best business opportunities in Sikkim that you can grab hold of right away. Home-stay is the most famous form of hospitality you provide for travelers where they are given residence in the home of a local of the city.

Now, if you are wondering why people travel to Sikkim, then let me tell you, Sikkim is one of the most popular tourist hub of India, where people from different parts of the world experience its culture, monasteries, and rich flora and fauna. So what are you waiting for? Try it!

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3. Pharmacy Business

Which city doesn’t need a medical store? You can start this small business in Sikkim if you stay there. While numerous tourists visit Sikkim every day, it certainly requires a medical store. If you are wondering how to start your own business, then don’t worry! You don’t have to belong to the pharmaceutical industry to own a pharmacy business as you have an alternative. All you have to do is open a franchise outlet of a medical, retail chain in your area.

This strategy involves minimum financial investment. This is one of the best business opportunities in Sikkim for you.

4. Open A Gift Shop

If you are wondering about a profitable and small business idea, then this business is for you. Thousands of tourists visit Sikkim every year, and opening a gift shop will make them buy gifts for their family, friends, and colleagues. So a local shop that is famous for Sikkim’s local products is one of the best business opportunities in Sikkim for you. If you can get a shop on M.G. Road, then it will be a great option for you.

5. Start A Travel Blog

If you love traveling, then this is the best business strategy you can work on. Blogging has various benefits and especially in the travel industry. By starting a travel blog, you can explore your city, meet new people, and gain new experiences and then you can share it in your blog. Running and operating the blog using strategies will make people read it. So get going! It is also a great small business idea in Lakshadweep.

6. Start A Restaurant

Who doesn’t love food! While being a resident of a tourist spot, starting a restaurant is one of the best business opportunities in Sikkim you can think of. Tourists love to enjoy the food of the place they visit, which puts them at a profit.

7. Handicraft Business

This is a unique business strategy that makes you out-stand. If creativity runs in your veins, then this is one of the best small business ideas in Sikkim you can think of. Indian handicraft reflects Indian culture and is popular among Indians and people worldwide love and buy it.

8. Start Doing Photography

Clicking pictures of the tourists is the best gesture you can show. So if you are someone who loves photography, then starting this business is one of the best business ideas in Sikkim. Your tourists are going to love you. It is one of the best startup ideas in Sikkim. It is also a great business idea in Manipur.

9. Catering Business

If you have a taste in foods and love cooking, then this is one of the best business ideas in Sikkim for you, my friend! Start catering services and reach out to numerous people in your city and tourists. The more you will promote your work, the more people will know.

10. Mobile Repairing Shop

It is one of the best small business in Sikkim as everybody nowadays uses mobile phone. You can start with opening a small mobile repairing shop over there. You can also provide home pickup and drop service of cell phones and repair them at your home if you don’t want to open a shop.

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These were the top small business in Sikkim which you can start over there. Do you have any more small business ideas in Sikkim in mind to start? Mention your startup ideas in Sikkim in the comments down below.

4 thoughts on “10 Small Business Ideas In Sikkim With Low Investment In 2023”

  1. Hi there, Neeraj this side, i am a consultant as well as a installer of high fidelity audio visual systems. i’m doing my own business right now in delhi as freelancer. I provide service to my customers such as dedicated personal home cinema systems, projector or projector screen, super audio systems end to end mini multiplex etc. I have wondered many times whether I can do this work towards Sikkim? But I do not really know whether this work will work there or not. If anyone has any suggestion about this, can let me know.

    Neeraj verma
    contact details: 7827272472

    • Hello Neeraj, Sikkim is a wonderful place and for sure this business can work there as well. People in Sikkim are really cool and enjoy every bit of their life. If you target the right audience, you will most probably be able to run this business quite well in Sikkim.

  2. I’m a Martial arts teacher, I’m wondering if opening a martial arts school in Sikkim is a good idea.. Any suggestions please.

    • I would suggest you to start working freelance and teaching students in different schools and academies first to get a basic idea that how many students in a class are willing to take the martial arts class. If the percentage is good, start giving home martial arts tuitions while continuing your teaching in different schools and academies. With that base you can start your own small training school with less investment first and see the response. If the response is good, you can invest more make is a good school. If you have any more questions, please let us know 🙂


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