20 Small Business Ideas In Rajasthan With Low Investment In 2023

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Rajasthan is the most beautiful place in India. It is mainly famous for its rich culture and heritage. From eating Moong dal halwa to buying Ghagra, tourists visit Rajasthan once in their lifetime. So, Rajasthan is the best place to start a small scale business but if you do not know how to get started, then below are twenty small business ideas in Rajasthan that can help you initiate your venture. 

20 Small Business ideas In Rajasthan

business ideas in Rajasthan

1. Open an Art and Craft Shop

Rajasthan is known for its art and craft. Tourists across the globe visit Rajasthan to experience its rich culture, markedly famous for its different art forms and crafts grounded in the roots of Indian culture. Blue pottery, terracotta sculptures, cloth paintings, carpets, fabrics, are the most famous crafts of Rajasthan. People mainly come to Rajasthan to shop these artifacts. Opening an art and craft shop is like entering the heart of Rajasthan. 

2. Spice Store Business

Spices are the essence of Rajasthan. Opening a spice store is one of the best start-up ideas in Rajasthan if you want to start a small business. Nobody visiting Rajasthan has ever returned without buying its spices. This is an enriching venture as Rajasthan is the most famous tourist destination worldwide. 

3. Pottery Business

People remember Rajasthan for its elegant blue pottery, a famous artwork which is the epitome of its culture. Pottery is an art, and if you have a knack for it, then this is one of the best small business ideas in Rajasthan for you.

4. Open a Toy Shop

Kathputli, the most famous toy of Rajasthan, is the heart of Rajasthan. Wooden toys, puppets reflect the rich and diverse culture of Rajasthan. Opening a toy shop is the best low investment business in Rajasthan that can help earn extra money. 

5. Authentic Sweets Shop

As a cuisine is incomplete without its sweet dishes, a journey to Rajasthan is unfinished without eating Churma. If you are a Rajasthani, opening a sweet shop is one of the best small business ideas in Rajasthan. The enterprise requires meagre investment and produces a very high profit. 

6. Jewellery Making

Rajasthan is the world’s largest centre for hand-cutting of gems and most famous for its jewellery industry. Rajasthan is the source of precious stones. Jewellery making is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in Rajasthan. Being a tourist hub, people from worldwide, specifically come to buy Rajasthani jewellery. So if you’re a Rajasthani, jewellery making is one of the best small business ideas in Rajasthan with low outlay. 

7. Open a Clothing Store

Rajasthan is not only famous for its rich cultural heritage but also its vibrant clothes. People across the world buy Ghagra, Choli, Odhni, and Dhoti. Rajasthani clothes are renowned for their unique visual attractiveness. If you want to start small, a clothing store is one of the best new business ideas in Rajasthan. The essential requirement is a good business plan and marketing strategies to promote and expand. 

8. Wedding Planner

Udaipur is the most popular wedding destination site in Rajasthan. If you’re someone who loves to organize and plan events, then this is the best low investment business in Rajasthan to get started. It’s a massive profit-generating as people specially come to Rajasthan for destination weddings. 

9. Start a Fast Food Cafe

With the increasing love for fast foods among people, starting a fast food cafe can be considered as one of the best new business ideas in Rajasthan. You can make huge money out of this business by providing excellent service to your customers. Don’t forget to give this business idea a shot if you love food.

10. Open a Footwear Store

Producing footwear is the one of the most popular manufacturing business ideas in Rajasthan. Jaipur is most famous for its traditional shoes. You can never go back without buying Jaipuri shoes. Opening a footwear store is one of the best start-up ideas in Rajasthan.

11. Start a Ride-sharing Business

If you’re a good driver, then Ride-sharing is one of the best low investment business ideas in Rajasthan. With a tremendous increase in the ride share market, starting this business is extremely easy. To get started, you need to come up with unique and excellent business ideas to out-stand your service from the rest. 

12. Tourist Guide

What could be more perfect than becoming a tourist guide in Rajasthan? If you love to travel and explore places, then becoming a tourist guide is the ideal low investment business in Rajasthan. To get along with this idea, you need excellent communication and planning skills. It is also a great business to start in Jaipur.

13. Start a Dairy Farming Business

Dairy farming is one of the most profitable start-up ideas in Rajasthan. People of all generations most crave food made out of dairy products. Dairy farming is a more favored and rewarding enterprise as the revenue generated is exceptionally high. 

14. Event organizer

Everyone is an event organizer in their own lives; we all have that skill. If you love to plan and manage events, becoming an event organizer is the best new business ideas in Rajasthan. You can initiate this business on a small scale with meagre investment.

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15. Open a Music School

The culture of Rajasthan has music roots. Rajasthan is most famous for its diverse musicians. While the music industry is expanding, the love for music among people has increased. People travel places, mainly to learn music and make it a career. This is one of the most perfect new business ideas in Rajasthan if you love music. 

16. Photography

With the increasing demand for photographers, the love for photography is rising among people. Today, people pursue photography as a career. So if you already have a flair for it, then photography is the low business idea in Rajasthan. 

17. Luggage Delivery Services

With the sudden growth in the tourism and hospitality industry, luggage delivery is newly emerging in the business industry. You can start your luggage delivery service by advertising on websites, newspapers or by marketing. It is one of those new business ideas in Rajasthan to get started.

18. Travel Agency

Rajasthan is famous for its tourism. Its rich culture and heritage are grounded in the hearts of people worldwide. Every year, numerous people visit different parts of Rajasthan to experience its ecotourism. So, starting a travel agency is one of the best start-up ideas in Rajasthan.

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19. Freelancing 

Start freelancing if you have expertise in any specific skill. Over a few years, the demand for freelancing has grown increasingly. It is one of the best new business ideas in Rajasthan if you choose a profitable niche. Also, it is a meagre investment business idea to get started. You can start this business in Chhattisgarh as well.

20.  Start a Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate is my heart! Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you love to make chocolates, then chocolate making is one of the most perfect manufacturing business ideas in Rajasthan. Particularly making a chocolate beneficial for health can be more profitable. With people becoming more conscious about their health, the demand for eating chocolate has grown.


These were the top small business ideas to start in Rajasthan with low investment. You can choose any one of these ideas which suits your interest. If you have any other small business idea in mind to start in Rajasthan then mention it in the comments.

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