23+ Small Business Ideas In Punjab With Low Investment In 2023

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Punjab is one of the most industrially developed states in India. Here, entrepreneurs get the right impetus for starting and driving business. You find the easy availability of land, labor, and the terms and conditions supporting conducting business. The social infrastructure is appreciable that makes Punjab a perfect destination for investment. Most importantly, the state government facilitates trade and commerce. 

Are you wondering about small business ideas in Punjab? You will find ample business opportunities in Punjab with Low investment. Thus, by selecting Punjab as the destination for your investment, you are making a wise move. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few businesses to start in Punjab. 

23+ Small Business Ideas In Punjab with Low Investment

business ideas in Punjab

1. Food and Agro-processing

Are you wondering about Small Business Ideas in Punjab? If so, Food and Agro Processing are one of the best choices. It is for the reason that Punjab is one of the most agriculturally-advanced states in India. 

2. Bakery Business 

Punjab is one of the largest producers of Wheat in India. Hence, you can undoubtedly consider starting a bakery business. If you are looking for small business ideas in Punjab, you can begin selling bakery products. On the other hand, if you are up to manufacturing business ideas in Punjab, you can start bakery product production units. It is a very popular business idea in Jaipur.

3. Contract Farming 

While discussing business to start in Punjab, you can undoubtedly consider contract farming. It is a candid way to escape the threats related to conventional farming practices. Contract Farming is one of the common ideas for businesses to start in Punjab. 

4. Beverage Production unit 

While considering business ideas to start in Punjab, you must consider beginning a beverage production unit. It is one of the best business opportunities in Punjab with Low investment. If you manage a more significant fund to venture into Punjab’s manufacturing business ideas, you may consider starting a large scale production unit. 

5. Warehousing Service

Punjab produces a large volume of crops, vegetables, and fruits. Hence, there are enormous demands for warehousing services. Therefore, while considering the new business ideas in Punjab, you should not miss it. 

6. Garments Manufacturing 

One of the best manufacturing business ideas in Punjab is trying garments manufacturing. Punjab has a large market for garment manufacturing, serving national and international customers. You can also create invoice template and start this business.

7. Readymade Garment Retail 

If you are looking for some small business ideas in Punjab involving garments, Textile retailing is one of the best options to try. Being the necessities of life, it is an evergreen business. Besides, Punjab houses one of the largest garments markets in the country. So, while exploring business opportunities in Punjab with Low investment, readymade garments trading can produce the sweetest return on investment. It is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in Punjab.

You can start this business from your house, and people in your contact are your potential customers. 

8. Travel Agency

Looking for new business ideas in Punjab? Punjab receives a significant count of national and international tourists. Thus, you can consider starting your travel agency. There is every reason for your agency to grow significantly within a fair extent of time. 

9. Tour Guide 

 It would help if you utilized the potential in the tourism market in Punjab. So, consider operating as a tour guide while thinking about businesses to start in Punjab. It is an amazing business idea in Andhra Pradesh.

10. Automobile Service and repairs 

Research suggests that Punjab holds promising potential for Automobile Service and Repair businesses. 

11. Automobile and Two-wheeler Dealership 

For years, Automobile and Tw-wheeler dealerships in Punjab are doing excellent business. It’s time for you to step into their shoes. 

12. Car Rental Business 

Renting out Car to locals and tourists, you can expect an excellent return on Investments. It is one of the best new business ideas in Punjab.

13. Sports good Manufacturing

Punjab Houses the manufacturing facilities for some of the significant sports goods manufacturers. You can start your manufacturing unit, expecting 3rd Party manufacturing orders from the top brands. 

14. Printing Business

The Printing Industry in Punjab has been performing exceptionally well for decades. Thus, you have reasons to venture into this domain. However, you will need to invest a fortune amount in starting printing units. 

15. Ayurvedic Production 

People rely on Ayurvedic medicines and products a lot these days. Punjab witnessed a significant upsurge in Ayurvedic production for the last few decades. 

16. Homestay Services 

Punjab keeps receiving leisure and business tourists year-round. Hence, you can consider offering Homestay services. People prefer such homely arrangements over the usual hospitality services these days. 

17. Security Service agency 

Thanks to Punjab’s developed industrial and commercial standing that makes Security Service business highly potential in the state. 

18. Food Delivery Business 

The Food Delivery Business in Punjab has been growing significantly over the last few years. Thus, you have every reason to venture into this domain. It is a candid idea to try if you aspire to start a low-investment business. 

19. Blog Writing 

The Corona Pandemic has made confinement the new-normal. People prefer the work-from-home module. Thus, it is the right time to venture into blog writing. Successful Blog writers are earning a fortune amount per month, securing financial independence. It is a great business to start in Punjab education business ideas.

20. Home Improvement Services 

It is one worthy business idea to try that promises the most delightful return on your investment. The best part is that you can start this business with a minimum investment. 

21. Vocational Training Institutes 

Vocational Training makes an aspirant all the more employable. Hence, job aspirants aspire to get such Training that enhances their credibility as a job seeker. It is why you may consider starting your vocational training institute. It is an amazing business idea in Gujarat as well.

22. Tutorial Center 

If you are aspiring for an academic career, you can start your tutorial. It can involve academic studies across all layers of education. Alternatively, you can create a coaching center for professional courses. 

23. Wellness and Beauty Service

If you offer quality services within reasonable rates, Wellness and beauty care services have tremendous business potential in Punjab. People keep looking for these service providers, and they are ready to invest the right amount of money on quality services. Thus, your business will get the right growth impetus to grow significantly at a fast pace. 

24. Mobile Repairing

You can open your own shop or can offer your clients home service if you are looking for a future proof business to start in Punjab. You just need to do a small course to start this business and the scope here is very high looking at the future aspect as well. It is one of best business opportunities in Punjab with low investment.


These were some of the best small business ideas in Punjab that one can start. There are many other options that one can look for and find with his/her imagination. Do you have more business ideas in Punjab in mind? Mention them in the comments.

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