Top 21 Small Business Ideas In Manipur With Low Investment In 2023

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Manipur is a place where you can start so many different types of businesses. The population is low here, but you can get so many business opportunities in Manipur. If you are thinking about some business ideas in Manipur, let me tell you that you can start here with an ample amount of options. Some of the ideas for your business are given below.

Top 21 Small Business Ideas In Manipur

business ideas in manipur

1. Crafts Business

Manipur is quite well known for its crafts, and you can start a business out of it for sure. You can collect different craft items from the whole state and then accumulate it in your craft shop for sale. It is quite convenient to go for local handicrafts if you want to set a startup Manipur.

2. Diagnostic Centre

You can start a diagnostic Centre as your new business in Manipur. Many people go for different medical tests all the time, and you can serve them better by allowing them to do the tests in your diagnostic Centre. You can start a diagnostic Centre as the best business in Manipur. It is a good running business in places like Noida.

3. Ecotourism

Nowadays, ecotourism is one of the most common new business in Manipur. The whole world is quite concerned about ecological balance, and Manipur has a lot of eco-friendly places. You can offer tourism in the famous forests and natural tourist spots throughout the state.

4. Fruit Shop

You can open a small fruit shop in Manipur if you want to set a new business in Manipur. It is quite profitable because you will find a lot of fruit Gardens all around Manipur, and that is why your fruit shop will earn excellent revenue out of it.

5. Vegetable Expert

If you know many things about vegetables and nutrition, you can be a vegetable expert in Manipur. It can be a very good startup Manipur if you open an agency to advise people regarding different vegetables and nutrition values. It is a great business idea in Nagaland too.

6. Local Website

You can start your website as the best business in Manipur. On this website, you can add different local places to help the people find suitable areas around them. Nowadays, these types of websites are quite famous and receive a lot of traffic as well. It is a great running business in Jaipur as well.

7. Travel Blog

If you are fond of traveling and have already visited many places around Manipur, you can start a travel blog exclusively for Manipur. It can be one of the best business ideas in Manipur for you to start a blog where you will post about your travel stories.

8. Jewelry Making

The people in Manipur are quite fond of wearing jewelry, and that is why it can be a very good idea to start a jewelry design boutique for yourself as your startup Manipur idea. You can try out different designs and promote them all by yourself throughout the state.

9. Wedding Planner

The ritual of the wedding is a bit different in Manipur from any other state. So you can be a wedding planner if you like the way they conduct the event. If you want to find some business opportunities in Manipur then it is one of the best business ideas in Manipur for sure.

10. Photographer

If you love photography and know how to take a nice photograph, you can try it as your primary business in Manipur. This state is full of beautiful places, and you can roam around the state and take remarkable photographs. It is a good business idea in Kerala as well.

11. Event Manager

Manipur is a place where so many different events are happening now and then. If you know how to manage those events successfully, you can be an event manager and start the best business in Manipur.

12. Online Photo Selling

If you know how to take incredible photographs and love to collect different natural photos, you can sell them online to make some money. It is one of the best business opportunities in Manipur to sell photographs online and earn good revenue.

13. Language Tutor

India is full of people who know different languages, and Manipur’s language is also a bit different from any other part of India. If you know how to talk in the Manipuri language, you can be a language tutor for the tourists coming here to help them with the local dialect.

14. Soap Making

Nowadays, soap making business is gaining a lot of popularity, and if you know how to make soaps with a different fragrance, then sell them online or offline. You can give it a try for sure.

15. Candle Making

Using an aromatic candle is an excellent idea when you want to do something peaceful. If you know how to make scented candles with a pleasant smell, then you can start a small candle-making factory in your house to earn some money.

16. Transportation Business

You can start a transportation business in Manipur as your startup Manipur idea because it is a place in India’s farthest end towards the east. There is an absolute need for transportation from that area throughout the country. So you can serve a necessity as well by this business.

17. Curio Shop

Suppose you are fond of collecting different antique things and other handicrafts of traditional parts of Manipur. In that case, you can start a curio shop of your own to sell those items to the people who are interested in ancient arts.

18. Vermicomposting Manufacturing

Manufacturing vermicomposting is relatively easy because you can do it at your home itself. So you can start a business to make vermicomposting and sell them to the enthusiastic people about gardening.

19. Gardening Shop

Suppose you love gardening, just like many other people. In that case, you can open a shop with all the equipment needed in gardening and give expert opinions regarding different plants to enthusiastic people.

20. Gift Shop

If you want some business ideas in Manipur, you can try out opening a gift shop for all types of people in Manipur. It will indeed allow you to earn excellent revenue.

21. Cyber Café

Cyber café is still a thing in Manipur and you can open a small cyber café in your area which will allow people to easily connect to the internet via desktop to help them with their work.


These were the top startup ideas in Manipur. There are many other options as well which a person can choose to build a startup in Manipur. Do you have a startup idea in your mind? Mention it in comments.

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