21 Small Business Ideas In Haryana With Low Investment In 2023

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Being a Haryana resident, you have tremendous opportunities to invest in the business as Haryana is one of India’s most preferred business destinations. So if you are wondering how to start a small business, then I have come with 20 small business ideas in Haryana that you can take a stab on.

21 Small Business Ideas In Haryana with low investment 

business ideas in haryana

1. Virtual Assistant

Over the past decade, the virtual Assistant business has come into view, and solo-entrepreneurs mostly promote this business. So if you are thinking of small business ideas in Haryana, then this the best idea for you. 

As a virtual assistant, your clients will hire you for different duties like answering phone calls, emails, preparing reports, appointments, etc.

2. Eatery Business

Who doesn’t know kachri ki sabzi? The most famous dish in Haryana! This idea is for you if you love to make and eat food. It is the best business to start in Haryana for you with the requirement of meager investment.

3. Pet Sitting And Grooming Business

If you love pets, then it is the meager investment business in Haryana you can start with. We can see that over a few years, the pet industry has expanded rapidly, and almost everyone has a pet in their house, so this a perfect business for you if you love pets.

4. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media person? Then this one of the best new business ideas in Haryana is for you. As a social media manager, your responsibility is to provide service to your customers or brands to help them manage their social media using their diverse skills and strategies.

5. Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer is the best idea you can grab hold of it if you are good at writing. It comes under one of the best low investment business in Haryana. You can provide writing services by producing different content like blog posts, articles, case studies, copy, etc.

6. Remote Tutor

While virtual learning has taken a boom in the educational sector, the demand for a remote tutor increases rapidly. So if you think you have a knack for any skill, this is the best low investment business in Haryana. You can easily earn a tremendous amount of money and add value to people’s life by sharing your knowledge.

This is one of the best startup ideas in Haryana one can look forward to. 

7. Wedding Planner

Are you someone who has a creative nerve? Then this is one of the best startup ideas in Haryana you can get going with. You require excellent managerial skills and a team to start this business. You can run this business on a small scale and is a deficient investment business in Haryana.

8. Travel Agency

You love exploring places, then why not have your travel agency!? You can earn a tremendous amount of money by arranging an expedition for people. All you require is a good business plan and a brand as a travel agent. It is a very popular small business idea in Punjab.

9. Online Handicraft Store

Indian handicrafts are the most popular amongst people across the world. So starting an Indian handicraft online store would be the best business to start in Haryana. Haryana is also famous for its handicrafts, so if you stay there, then creating your online handicraft store is a meager investment business in Haryana you can grab hold of.

10. Graphic Designer

If you have a flair for technology and design, then this business has your back. The demand for graphic designers is increasing rapidly. If you can provide excellent design services, then starting a graphic design business is one of the best startup ideas in Haryana.

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11. Business Coach

You can become a business coach if you have skills and expertise in this sector. While the increasing inclination of youth towards this career, suggests this field is in demand. So you can use this opportunity to use this as small business ideas in Haryana.

12. Social Media Influencer

With the rapid growth in technology, content creators own digital platforms. It is one of the best small business ideas in Haryana you can start working on if you are specialized in any skill. You can start by building your network on social media. By being regular in creating relevant content, you will make room for collaborations and brand promotions. 

13. Food And Agro-Processing 

Haryana is coming up with the most recommended investment destinations in India. Haryana is an agricultural economy that produces various foods, dairy products, cash crops, and fisheries. This globalization of markets has created a boom in the economy and has opened the doors for tremendous industrial sector opportunities. You can start this business after completing legal requirements and certification. 

14. Open A Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop is the best low investment business in Haryana. So if you are someone who loves to make coffee, then this is the most profitable and small business idea in Haryana, you can use to initiate your startup with meager capital. It is a popular business idea in Chandigarh.

15. Food Truck Business

You can start this business on a small scale without having much experience in the food-service industry. It is the best business to start in Haryana as it involves less investment and risk. This business gives you the flexibility to serve food in different locations. So by using the right marketing techniques and promotion, you can expand your business gradually. 

16. Mobile Repairing

It is a great option as the future of this business is great. You just have to do a small course of mobile repairing and you are good to open your own small startup of mobile repairing. You can also give door pick up and drop service to give an edge to your business. It comes under new business ideas in Haryana that you can start.

17. SEO Consultant

It is a very new set of a job coming into the picture. Being an SEO consultant, you have to improve websites and search engine result performance by analyzing and reviewing. You are also responsible for providing expert guidance and conveying appropriate recommendations to business owners, allowing them to gain more search engine traffic.

To start this business, you need to have excellent content strategies and expertise in keyword research. 

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18. Photography 

If you love to capture photos, you can start your photography business by clicking pictures and settling them as a freelancer or archiving them on a photo website. It is one of the best small business in Haryana that you can start right away if you have the skill.

19. Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant, your role is to guide your clients on developing online media campaigns to manage their presence online on various social media platforms. If you are good at strategic planning’s, then this the best business to start in Haryana. 

20. Start A Podcast Business

Today, the podcast is making its own space in the heart of people. So starting your own podcast business proves very profitable if you are thinking about starting a business in Haryana. You can expand this business by selling and sponsoring.

21. Researcher

If you have some excellent researching skills, you can start this business by providing researching service to numerous people like writers, companies, or clients by giving well-researched content.


These were some of the best options to start a small business in Haryana. Do you have any other good new business ideas in Haryana? Mention it in the comments.

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