15+ Small Business Ideas In Chandigarh With Low Investment In 2023

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You can start so many types of businesses in Chandigarh because it is a hustling place of so many opportunities around. If you want to have some small business ideas in Chandigarh, then you have to go through a few options before deciding on anything. Here we have given some new business ideas in Chandigarh which you can start today itself to earn good revenue.

Top 15+ Small Business Ideas In Chandigarh

business ideas in chandigarh

1. Computer Service

Chandigarh is a place which is going to be declared as a smart city very soon. A computer service centre is an excellent business option there if you are trying to know some tech-related startup ideas in Chandigarh. If you are good at solving software and hardware problems, then this business is an excellent option for you.

2. IT Infrastructure

You can go for setting up an IT infrastructure business as one of the best business ideas in Chandigarh because information technology is in a booming phase in this City. If you can set up an infrastructure business there, then you can also see a great profit out of it.

3. Handyman

If you have a specific set of skills, then you can get a lot of business opportunities in Chandigarh like plumbing, electrical work on many other handyman options. And if you open a consultancy of all of them then also you can have an excellent ongoing business there.

4. Home Based Food

Chandigarh is a city where everyone is busy with their work. So in this scenario, if you are good at making home-based food, then it can be one of the best small business ideas in Chandigarh. You can start your own home best cooking business and supply the home-cooked food to different officers to earn a handsome amount at the end of the day.

5. Hospitality

People go to Chandigarh very often for business purpose and many other purposes as well. Suppose you are well experienced in the hospitality department. In that case, you can have some neat business opportunities in Chandigarh by opening a small hotel or lodge because hospitality business can grow well in this City.

6. Travel Agency

Suppose you are good at convincing people about travelling to different places. In that case, opening a travel agency can be an excellent option for you if you are looking for some travel-related startup ideas in Chandigarh. You can check out different places around the City and then start a travel agency where you can help people in their different travel plans throughout the year.

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7. Car Rental

In a bustling city like Chandigarh, a car rental service can work well if you know how to get your customers. It is one of the best new business ideas in Chandigarh which you can start any day if you have a car of your own for commercial usage. You can also go for a tie-up with hotels to give out your car rental services.

8. Office Lease

Do you have a lot of space at your home or any other place in Chandigarh? One of the best business opportunities in Chandigarh is to list out for office spaces there. You can rent your space for office and get a very good rent out of it.

9. Real Estate

If you have good knowledge of real estate, then you can start this business today itself in Chandigarh. Many people get interested in buying properties in this city, and that is why it can be a very profitable business for you.

10. Recycling

If you want to know some lovely startup ideas in Chandigarh, then you can start a recycling business to help the environment along with the profit. You can create a small factory where you can recycle everyday products or repetitive usage. It can be helpful to the environment and your pocket both.

11. Retail Shop

Starting a retail shop is one of the best business ideas in Chandigarh as it is a city with so much madness, that is why people want to buy everything from their nearby areas. If you start a retail shop as one of your small business ideas in Chandigarh, then it may be beneficial for you.

12. Local Website

Whenever we want to find out something in our nearby location, we tend to search it on Google. You can start a local website where you can post about the nearby areas to help people find the best places around. It is one of the best business ideas in Chandigarh without any investment. If you have enough knowledge about websites and other technical matters, then you can start a local webpage in Chandigarh for sure. It is a very popular business idea in Jaipur.

13. Transportation Business

If you are good with transporting different materials from one place to another and also know the necessary details about the transportation management system, then it can be a very good business option for you and is a very popular business idea in Manipur.

It is one of the new business ideas in Chandigarh which you can start immediately if you have commercial vehicles with you. It is all about a little bit of knowledge about transportation and planning out the whole system properly.

14. Event Management

Corporate events take place in Chandigarh very often, so being an event manager can be one of the best small business ideas in Chandigarh for you. If you know how to manage different business locations, then you can try your hands on in event management to set up a successful business for yourself. Corporate events can earn you a very good profit if you can plan everything well.

15. Digital Marketing

If you want some work from home new business ideas in Chandigarh, then opening a digital marketing agency can be a very good option for you. You can learn all the necessary skills regarding digital marketing and start a business on your own to serve your customers with your services. Later on, if you can learn the skills well, then you can expand your business to other locations as well.

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16. Mobile Repairing

It is a type of business which has a great future and scope in it. You just need to do a short course for this business, and you can start by offering your services online or opening a small shop. It is one of the best business ideas in Chandigarh.


These were the best small business ideas in Chandigarh. You can try any one of these according to your interest. Do you have any other business ideas in mind? Mention it in comments.

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