30+ Small Business Ideas In Bihar With Low Investment In 2023

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Bihar is a state in India where you can start some wonderful businesses to earn a lot of money with very low investment because here, the population is more, which is why the demand is high in the market. We have given some small business ideas in Bihar in 2023 to start to earn a good amount of money.

31 Small Business ideas in Bihar with low in Investment

small business ideas in bihar with low investment

1. Mobile Shop

Among so many startup ideas in Bihar, one of the most common ones is to start a mobile shop. A mobile shop can help you earn a good amount of money in Bihar because most people rely on mobile shop owners to repair software or hardware-related problems on their mobile phones.

2. Solar Business

Solar power is one of the fastest-growing ones among so many new business ideas in Bihar. Currently, electricity deficiency is there in most of the places in this state. So you can earn a good amount from a solar business.

3. Blog about Bihar

If you want to know about the best business to start in Bihar, you can create a blog, especially for Bihar residents. You can include the best places to visit and chill out in this state to help the people know the place in a better way. You can also further add more content on your blog to gain more audience and earn through google adsence.

4. Grocery Shop

Opening a grocery shop can be a very nice low investment business in Bihar. You can open a small shop at first and see the demand growing and then expand it as per requirement.

5. Beauty Parlour

Whenever some festival comes up, jab people from Bihar prefer some beauty parlor to do their makeup. It is one of the best business to start in Bihar right now as the demand for beauty parlors is increasing.

6. Health Club

Bihar is a state where you can get to see a lot of malnutrition in so many regions. So you can start a health club to aware the people about the Healthy lifestyle.

7. Computer Repairing Shop

You can start a computer repairing shop in Bihar, just like the mobile repairing one. It is one of the best startup ideas in Bihar as people are becoming more aware of the need for computers and the internet. Many people want to earn through the internet using a computer in modern ways.

8. Tutor

You can be a tutor to teach different subjects in Bihar because currently, there are so many literacy programs going on in Bihar. You can join as a tutor or open your tuition classes as one of the small business ideas in Bihar in 2023.

9. Bakery Business

If you want to get some new business ideas in Bihar, you can open a bakery shop in a good and popular market. You just have to do a small course regarding baking, and you are good to go.

10. Home Canteen

The people from Bihar are more likely to eat at home rather than outside. So you can start a home canteen to serve them with homely food anytime they want.

11. Real Estate Agent

If you want to start some low investment business in Bihar, becoming a real estate agent is a great choice. There are many lands in Bihar to be sold, and if you become a broker, you will earn a good amount of money from that.

12. Translation Services

The literacy rate is a bit slow in Bihar and that is why a translation service can be one of the most wonderful startup ideas in Bihar. You just need to learn a few languages and you can start this business right now.

13. Candle Making

The electricity problem is there in Bihar to a great extent and that is why a candle making business can be one of the best business to start in Bihar. You can start selling from door to door and if you have money to invest, you can set up a small factory as well.

14. Incense(Agarbatti) Stick Business

You can start a small factory of making incense sticks in Bihar, it is a low investment business in Bihar. You just need to know the technical details of making an incense stick and nothing more is required.

15. Yoga Class

You can start a yoga class in Bihar to make the people aware of yoga’s important to stay healthy all the time. It is one of the best business ideas for women.

16. Vehicle Wash Shop

The technology is growing and that is why so many people are buying vehicles right now. You can start a vehicle wash shop in Bihar, which can be one of the best small business ideas in Bihar in 2023. The roads are not good, and vehicles need to be washed constantly.

17. Parking

If you have a little bit of space, then you can start your own parking space business. If you charge a bit lower than the other parking spaces, you can earn big time with this business.

18. Plant Shop

Bihar is a place where people are fond of gardening. So you can start a plant shop to serve the people who are interested in this hobby.

19. Pets Food Store

Currently, so many people have pets at their home. So you can go to a pet food store and specialize in different animals as per the people’s requirements.

20. DJ Sound Services

In Bihar, whenever you will have a festival, DJ is the most important thing. If you know how to makes different songs and want to do business out of it, then you can start the service as soon as possible. It is a great side business idea as well.

21. Travel Agency

A travel agency is a very good idea to start in Bihar because they are quite fond of traveling. And if you love traveling too then, it can be an added advantage for you.

22. Fashion Designer

Whenever some festival is there in Bihar, people are more likely to buy designer dresses. So being a fashion designer, you can help people with their clothes in exchange for money.

23. Security Agency

You can open a security Agency to provide security guards throughout in Bihar for different apartments and buildings.

24. Handicrafts

If you are good at making different craft items, then handicraft business can be one of the best new business ideas in Bihar for you. It is an amazing business idea in Kerala as well.

25. Insurance Agent

The people from Bihar are more likely to do insurances. So it can be a good option for you to be an insurance agent there and sell policies to Bihar people.

26. Driving School

The growing number of vehicles has created the need for learning driving as well. So you can open a driving school in Bihar to earn good revenue.

27. Dairy and Sweet Shops

Bihar is quite well known for its dairy products. So you can start a dairy and sweets shop as one of the best small business ideas in Bihar in 2023.

28. Building Materials

Bihar is a developing state, and that is why you can start a building material shop to aid the builders there. It is a good business option in Bihar for the people who want to earn good.

29. Ice-cream Shop

Bihar is a bit dry in the weather and also quite hot during summer until the rain comes. So an ice cream shop can be an excellent idea to start a business in Bihar.

30. Vehicle Service Center

A vehicle service center is a necessity in today’s era because of a growing number of vehicles. So you can go for that also and earn well if you have good knowledge of vehicles.

31. Juice Shop

One of the best new business ideas in Bihar can be opening a Juice shop because of the weather of this place. People love to drink juice, and you can show some creativity by selling modern shakes to customers as well.


These were some of the best small businesses to start in Bihar. Bihar is a state full of opportunities, and if you are a person who can grab one, you can earn well in Bihar very easily. You can choose any one of these and start a business in Bihar if you are interested in one of these.

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