Sambad Lottery- Everything You Need To Know

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Sambad Lottery is a type of scheme originated for the sole purpose of incentives for the public. It is drawn thrice a day and is played across 13 states in India. It is one of the best sources of enjoyment, excitement, and a thrilling experience for the residents and participants who want to test their luck.

A decision was made by the Supreme Court of India back in 2015, which stated that the states in the country have full liberty to decide whether they want to allow this lottery to be played in their respective states or not. This implies that the central government will not have the authority to regulate this lottery; rather, the provincial government will have the authority. Therefore, many popular states, including Assam, Bengal, Kerala, and Goa, are now eligible to buy Sambad Lottery tickets online.

Sambad Draws are scheduled not only once a day, but they allow you to play as much as you want in one day by conducting three draws in one day. There is no limit to how much you can test your luck in one day as it is entirely up to your wish.

The timing of Sambad draws in India are as follows;

  • The first draw is in the state of Nagaland at 11:55 am.
  • The second draw is in the state of West Bengal in the late afternoon at 4:00 pm
  • The third draw is again conducted in the state of Nagaland in the night at 8:00 pm


Organized by the Nagaland State Lottery, this event attracts thousands of people in just one shift from all over the state. People are present to spectate or try out their luck by signing up for the lottery in their desired type of lottery.

Available to participants seven days a week, the names of the draws are fascinating, including loving morning draw, dear sincere morning, dear faithful morning, dear kind morning, dear tender morning, dear gentle morning, and dear affectionate morning, respectively. The first prize for each draw name, also known as a jackpot, is 25 lakhs, following the second prize of Rs 9000 and the third prize of Rs 500.


Hosted by West Bengal, this lottery brings about tremendous enthusiasm in people, looking forward to winning and benefiting from the lottery in some form. Families arrive at the spot to buy tickets, roam the neighborhood and enjoy the weather.

Like the morning lottery, the afternoon shifts also have some notable names for the draws, such as dear Banga Lakshmi Teesta, dear Banga Lakshmi torsha, dear Banga Lakshmi raidek, dear Banga Lakshmi Bhagirathi, dear Banga Lakshmi Ajay, dear Banga Lakshmi Damodar, dear Banga Lakshmi ichamati respectively.

The afternoon lottery provides even bigger prizes for the lucky winners starting from Rs 31 lakh and ending at a consolation prize of Rs 1000.


Taking place at 8 pm, this lottery is conducted and organized by Nagaland and is a good source of enjoyment.

The draws have some extraordinary names to signify the time of evenings, such as dear flamingo evening, dear parrot evening, dear eagle evening, dear falcon evening, dear vulture evening, dear ostrich evening, and dear hawk evening, respectively.

This draw offers the first prize of Rs 31 lakh and goes down to the fifth price of Rs 120.


The lotteries are a huge source of excitement for people participating in them, and it should be kept in mind that it can also take you to huge losses if you lose the draw. So even though the winner goes home with a lot of money in his mind, be mindful that money is not supposed to last a lifetime.

The urge to play lotteries every time you need money can be dangerous as there is no guarantee that you will win the draws every time. Therefore, the repercussions of losing a draw can be fatal and, thus, should be considered thoroughly.

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