Police Intimation Vs Police Verification For Online Rent Agreement

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Most of the people are nowadays residing on rent basis and are hence frequently doing rent agreements in urban cities. In Maharashtra, India the registration of rent agreement can be made in an online way. In this online way of registration their is a huge time and money saving of people as whole process is online and biometrics only are needed to be given by all parties, which can also be done without visiting any government office and from the comfort of citizens home. However even if online rent agreement is registered, tenant verification from police is needed by many of the societies and govt departments like RTO etc. In such cases many ASP means agents for rent agreements convey that they would provide police intimation and not police verification. So, the main question is

What is the difference in police intimation and police verification?

Police intimation is a online form where the information of tenant  is provided in an online way to the local police station where the rented property is located. However police verification is a offline process where police officials give a stamp on a offline filled form after checking the registered rent agreement and id proof of tenants.

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Main difference in police verification and police intimation

Police intimation and police verification thought sound similar, there are many differences in both.

  •  The main difference is police verification form has a police stamping on it as it is a offline form, however police intimation does not have a police stamping on it as its a online form and whole information is submitted to police station in a online way. Hence one cannot get a stamped. acknowledgment of form.
  • Second main difference is that you can get and submit a police intimation form while online submitting the registered rent agreement only. Hence the process is done along with the submission of registered rent agreement only. However in police verification form the process is to be done once the registered rent agreement copy is received from registration department with the SROs sign and stamp.
  • Third main difference as said earlier is that police intimation is a online process and hence their is no need to visit police station, however in police verification the parties especially the tenants need to visit the local police station
  • Fourth and major difference is that physical presence of tenants at the time of stamping of police verification form is necessary. Though many people prefer agents to do that process and it is seen regularly that its happening , still its a midway and not the right way as verification itself means that tenants residing their should be verified and not any other person.

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Contents in form:

In police intimation following information is provided viz:

1. Name of Owner

2.  Name  of Tenant

3. Address of Owner and Tenant

4. Permanent Address of Tenant

5. Relatives Name and Age of Tenant

6. Along  with this one id proof of tenant is also submitted.

In police verification following information is provided along with above information:

1.Contact details of owner

2. Contact details of tenant and his relatives

3. Photo of tenant 

4.Permanent and temporary address of the tenant.


At the time of registering a online rent agreement many people are confused about how one can get police intimation form which has been made compulsory by the government. 

It is wondering that as both forms are of government only, still why such difference is their and why so much discussion is going on over both of them. It happens this way that till 2019, their was only one tenant verification form and everyone registering a rent agreement was required to submit this form to local police station of the property. 

However many people faced issues as many police stations refused to take the form, or do stamping on the same. Hence after many people complaints, government has started the police intimation form which needs to be submitted online at the the time registering the rent agreement, but even if the agreement is submitted and police intimation is submitted, a receipt or acknowledgment of the police intimation form is not received from government side, except one flash message appears that their is no need to visit police station as your information has been shared to the local police station.

Unfortunately many flat owners, society secretaries and astonishingly the RTO department of government itself refuses to accept this intimation form even if it is from government. Hence two different forms has been came into know how. Also to increase the confusion more their are also many other sites of police department which issue form for certain areas or rural areas and citizens sometimes use those sites also.

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Even if it is true that by law it is compulsory to submit tenant information to local police station and also if required submit the same to the societies which has made it compulsory still societies and other agencies should understand the practical difficulties in the system.

Also government has taken a good step towards providing this police intimation in soft form, however it must go a step forward and should give a acknowledgment for successful submitted forms having some kind of stamping of the police station on the form. 

Authorized service providers and online platforms are also doing a great work by correctly submitting the online rent agreement and police intimation and providing an addon service of merging all the registered documents in one file for citizens ease.

Even if the present system is better than manual submission of forms still it lacks the core need and reach required by the citizens.

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