The Ultimate Guide on How to Register Restaurant on Swiggy?

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The convenience of getting mouth watering food has resulted in growing number of people wanting to order food online. Gone are the days when dining out used to be a relished experience. Many of us now love to enjoy outside food with the convenience of our homes. This means there is an upsurge in the demand of people ordering food from home. With a rise in food deliveries, many restaurants are looking forward to become a part of this multi-giant business.

The two most popular food delivery systems are Swiggy and Zomato. If you have a restaurant it is very likely because you wish to register on Swiggy. This is so because Swiggy provides you with a huge database of customers. But some entrepreneurs do not know how to register on Swiggy and miss out on this golden opportunity.

If you don’t understand how to register with Swiggy, you are in the right place, keep reading to figure out the right steps that will save you time and money.

What is Swiggy and Why is it so popular?


Swiggy entered the market of food delivery system in the year 2014, when the idea of food delivery seemed impossible. But with dedication and an impeccable delivery system Swiggy today has ties with more than 28,000 restaurants spanning across 13 cities of India. Some of the metropolitan cities include Delhi, Bangluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and more.

The growth of Swiggy resulted in more than 8, 00, 000 Swiggy mobile application downloads, making it one of the default synonyms of food delivery. Furthermore, the online food delivery giant hires locals for fulfilment of the delivery, ensuring increased employment in all the 13 cities it caters to.

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Swiggy on the Rise!

The answer to how to register in Swiggy as a seller can be difficult to find especially with the use of Swiggy on the rise. As the pandemic grows stronger and COVID seems never ending, visiting restaurants without the challenges of the pandemic is impossible. The Indian market has taken Swiggy in with open arms as one of the largest food delivery systems. Thus, if you own a restaurant or run a hotel, you will want to know how to register business on Swiggy. Another reason, that will draw you towards Swiggy is that all the positive marketing Swiggy received during the pandemic has resulted in increased funding for the food delivery app. Swiggy was able to accumulate a funding of a billion USD within a week. But, are you missing out because knowing how to register on Swiggy seems daunting to you?

Before we solve the question of how to register with Swiggy, let us evaluate some more reasons that lead to the growth of Swiggy, making our claims stronger:

  • Dining becomes convenient with food delivery.
  • No need to get stuck in traffic to experience delicious meals.
  • The knowledge of how to register with Swiggy saves time, energy and money.
  • Increased percentage of smartphone users.
  • Improved internet connectivity.
  • Impeccable marketing strategies.
  • Use of frequent data analytics for sales.
  • Increased number of restaurants.
  • The new trend of trying something new.
  • Flexible payment facility with ensured security of the customer’s personal details.
  • Great customer service.
  • Efficient feedback options.

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Benefits of Understanding how to register restaurant on Swiggy!

  • Once you will understand how to register on Swiggy you will be entitled to the efficient marketing strategies.
  • You will be provided with increased visibility.
  • A well established and hassle-free delivery system.
  • You can provide your customers with an excellent tracking system.
  • Impeccable customer service.
  • Increased customer- reach
  • When you understand how to register business on Swiggy you can get repetitive customers.
  • You can spare on additional marketing costs.

How to Register in Swiggy as a Seller?

  1. Before you find out how to register restaurant on Swiggy, it is important to acquire the list of documents required to apply for the registration process.

The documents required for registration on Swiggy are:

  • Restaurant registration certificate
  • Shop license
  • FSSAI license
  • PAN card of the owner
  1. How to register business on Swiggy starts with opening
  2. To proceed further locate the ‘Partner With US’ link on the footer side of the website and click on the link.
  3. The next step to find how to register in Swiggy as a seller is to fill the registration form and with all your basic details like the name of your restaurant, contact details, pin code and more.
  4. After filling the form click on proceed to lead you to the next step.
  5. The next step for how to register on Swiggy is to click on yes to the option of filling in more information.
  6. Now, fill the detailed form with more information like the number of outlets of your restaurant and general cost for 2 people.
  7. To enhance the visibility of your restaurant and unlock more advantages with the question how to register with Swiggy.
  8. After completing the form ensure you have the following with you for verification:
  • Cancelled cheque or passbook
  • Menu
  • Take away bill
  1. After the completion of the form, a Swiggy representative will pay you a visit to verify all your documents and sign a partnership agreement.
  2. Once the agreement has been signed, it will take approximately 3 weeks to get your restaurant live on the Swiggy app.
  3. After the registration on the app is complete you will be provided with an acknowledgement on your registered e-mail id and mobile number.
  4. Post registration you will have to pay a fee ranging between 17-25%.
  5. To truly master how to register restaurant on Swiggy you must ensure to keep a tab on your menu and also the menu of your competitors to understand their price range.
  6. You should also check the Swiggy app to ensure all the dishes and prices have been entered correctly.
  7. Getting an API link with POS system will help you become efficient and remain updated with your orders.


This was the complete article on how to register restaurant on swiggy. If you follow these steps correctly, you will be easily able to register on swiggy in no time. If you have any questions regarding how to register in swiggy as a seller then mention them in the comments.

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