Find How to Register Restaurant in Zomato?

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We have heard about Zomato, we have seen the red coloured icon of Zomato but what is and why is it so popular? Why and how to register on Zomato as seller? We will answer all your queries right here, right now!

What is Zomato?

Zomato is the name of the Indian restaurant food delivery app founded by Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal in 2008. From 2008, it has now grown from a home project to one of the world’s largest food delivery systems with availability in countries like United States, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, India and many more.

Finding out how to register on Zomato can be a crucial step in succeeding in today’s food industry. As Zomato provides restaurants owners an access to potential customers. The customers can view photographs of the restaurants, browse through menus and read reviews to evaluate what a restraint has to offer, before they visit or order from one. Customer research has shown that 90% of customers in today’s digital era prefer to research a restaurant before dining in. Zomato has gained mass popularity as the single largest app with updated listings and reviews of restaurants. This provides new and upcoming restaurants to garner more potential clients than they could ever imagine. Thus, making an essential step for restaurant owners to find out how to add my shop in Zomato.

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How to Register Restaurant in Zomato and its Benefits

You have finally decided that Zomato is the app you want to register on, you decide to find how to register on Zomato as seller but what are the benefits that follow this step and why should you register on Zomato?

Having a Zomato listing that is up- to- date is one of the many baby steps that help to improve your online presence and reputation. Although, it might seem like the only crucial step you can’t create a Zomato listing and not do anything about it. You need to actively monitor your Zomato listing as well as keep a check on other review sites to enhance your strategy of reputation management.

By doing this, you help the customers believe that you are a proactive restaurant that can manage online reviews and work towards them. This can also include asking frequent customers for the reviews on Zomato.

In various customer review studies, it has been found that about 77% diners rely more on the reviews of frequent customers and peers rather than critics to establish the validity of a restaurant. As allow customers to speak for your restaurant, you help them generate a visible proof that required to attract keep new customers to view you restaurant as credible.

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How to Register in Zomato for Business

To understand how to register on Zomato, you can follow any of the following two methods:

  • How to register restaurant in Zomato can be done by searching for the name of your restaurant in the Zomato app, or
  • How to register on Zomato as seller can be done manually on app’s database.

Irrespective of the route selected on how to register in Zomato for business, you will require a Zomato account. The following steps can be undertaken to get signed up as a Zomato user:

  • Provide your full name,
  • Your email address, and
  • Accept all the policies of Zomato app

You can choose to login through your existing google account as well.

How to Register on Zomato through Searching your Restaurant?

Visit the Zomato Business homepage that features a search bar, use the search bar to put the name of your restaurant (ensure the search is in the correct city). If the name, address and phone numbers of restaurant seem correct on the existing listing, you can use your Zomato account to claim it. In case, you are unable to find your restaurant, you can add your restaurant through the next method.

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How to Add my Shop in Zomato?

If you are unable to find your name on Zomato, you don’t have to worry about how to add my shop in Zomato. You can easily do that by adding your restaurant manually. To do so, you need to fill the basic requirements of the restaurant’s details, such as:

  • Restaurant’s name,
  • City in which the restaurant is located, and
  • Whether or not you own the restaurant.

There are some additional details one can fill but most of them are optional, some of these are:

  • Address/landmark
  • Phone Number/ e-mail id
  • Map coordinates
  • Services (Lunch, Dinner, Buffet, Nightlife and more)
  • Seating options (indoor/ outdoor)
  • Payment options
  • Types of cuisines
  • Operating hours

To ensure the validity of the restaurant, someone from Zomato will connect with the restaurant through the filled in details.

How to Register Restaurant in Zomato and Use its New Features

After completing the process of how to register on Zomato as seller, you can use of the additional features within the Zomato app to boost your business.

1. Paid Advertising

If you wish to invest, you can invest in paid advertising on Zomato. It provides your restaurant a prominent placement on the site however the customers search.

2. Zomato Order

Through this service you can not only inform customers of their orders, but you can also use this service to generate promotional discounts and loyalty programs. This feature will you in both customer acquisition and retention.

Restaurant Management with Zomato

It is not only important define the process of how to register on Zomato as seller, but it is also important understand the features that come with this app. How to register in Zomato for business just became easier with the feature of Zomato Book system. It helps you to manage the day-to day operation of the restaurant. The is technology features the ability track and store customer files (for a personalized experience), oversee status of each table in the restaurant and book reservations in advance.

You can also find some more features on the Zomato app that make the process of how to register on Zomato hassle-free.


This was the complete article on how to register restaurant in zomato. You can easily register on zomato using the steps we have mention in this article. If you have any question regarding this, you can mention it in the comments.

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