16 Ways To Improve Domain Authority | What Is Domain Authority In SEO?

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Sometimes doing excellent SEO does not help in ranking pages even if you are expert in that then also you may see failure and wonder how to increase domain authority. The search engines check out the domain authority to analyse whether the content in the website is relevant to the subject or not. For this, you need to deliver the best quality content, and along with that, you will also need a good domain authority if you want your website to rank better on google. You might be wondering what is a good domain authority; a good domain authority increases the reputation of your site to the search engines. If you have a good DA, then you will rank well in the search engines. 

Now if we talk about what is DA in SEO, there are several factors to check out to know whether the domain authority is good or not. If you manage to improve your domain authority, then you are bound to get a good ranking in Google or any other search engine. This was the answer to what is a good domain authority. Here we have added several ways to improve your domain authority without facing problems.

How to improve Domain Authority?

how to improve domain authority

If you want to know how to increase domain authority then you have to follow some specific steps to make your site reputable. At first, you have to know what is a good domain authority and then you need to work to make it right. Here we have given 15 steps by which you will get to know how to improve domain authority. 

1. Choosing a good domain name

First, you should pay attention to the domain name if you are concerned about how to increase domain authority. Choosing a name with popular words will help you to increase your domain authority. You should also try to choose a domain name which is short and easy to remember. 

2. Working on on-page SEO

If you wonder how to improve domain authority, then you must work on the Search engine optimisation process. To do on-page SEO, you have to include relevant keywords to the title tags, content and the image alt tags. On-page SEO helps in optimising your content and allows the search console to crawl your website better. It will help them improve the domain authority of your website in the long run for sure.

3. Working on Off-page SEO 

For those who wonder what is DA in SEO, Off-page SEO is much more than implementing Meta titles, Meta tags or answering questions on Quora. Off-Page SEO helps to give your website the recognition that it needs. You have to work on promoting your website as much as possible by social bookmarking, creating profiles, creating backlinks and much more to allow the search consoles like google to crawl and give Domain authority to your website.

4. Improve the Technical SEO

Here is what is DA in SEO for technical part. The last thing about SEO is to improve your technical SEO on your website. It includes working on-site mapping techniques of XML, improving page speed, looking for internal errors etc. It will make your website rank better in Google as it will make the crawling process much smoother. You can take help from a professional for this part or look at the tutorials on youtube and do it yourself as well. 

5. Writing relevant content

Writing relevant content is the most important part to increase domain authority. Most of the people don’t take this part seriously, but it is the most crucial part of the overall process. Uploading bad quality content will eventually lead to an increase in bounce rate and further to a terrible ranking in the search engines. 

6. Get High-quality backlinks

If you want to know how to improve domain authority, then you should also know how to provide authority to your site. For this, you have to get high-quality backlinks from prominent websites. It will give you a better exposure in the market, and you will be able to rank better and improve your domain authority. 

7. Do internal linking

You should always include some internal links so that the link juice could be passed on your website and the user experience could also be improved. Suppose you have written about a specific topic on your website then you should also provide a link in that content which will redirect the user to the different content of the same topic in your site. It increases the credibility of the website, as well.

8. Run regular audits

You have to run audits regularly so that you can remove the broken and bad links from your website. These types of links are not good for the health of your site. You may lose your Domain authority because of these elements.

9. Make it mobile-friendly

If you want to know how to increase domain authority, then a very important step is to make your website mobile-friendly. Most of us surf the internet on our mobile phones, and that is why if your website is mobile-friendly it will increase the traffic, eventually leading to improvement in domain authority. 

10. Monitor the DA score

It is very important to monitor the DA score regularly because it fluctuates a lot, and you cannot rely on a single DA score for a long time. So you will find a lot of sites on the internet to check your domain authority score and work accordingly.

11. Be an expert in your niche

Whenever you start your website, you should be an expert in that particular subject because unless you are completely confident about your content, you will not be able to deliver quality in those articles. Quality helps the most in increasing the domain authority as google also wants to rank the articles with the best quality. 

12. Improve the loading speed

A very big factor about how to improve domain authority is to check the loading speed of your website. It is likely to influence the bounce rate of your site as well because when people will see that the website does not load faster than there are chances that they will instantly exit from the site. So you should always make sure that your website becomes faster. You can find people on fiverr who can help you with this.

13. Use social media to promote

Whenever you post some content on your website you should choose several social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, Twitter etc. to reach out to the most number of people at a time. It will give you better visibility and increase your social bookmarking as well. It helps in improving the domain authority as well if clubbed with all other points. 

14. Improve traffic

You have to increase the traffic of your website if you want to get high domain authority. Traffic will help in increasing the credibility of your website. Guest posting will help a lot in this.

15. Work on bounce rate

Bounce rate should be as minimum as possible as the more the bounce rate; the more chances are your domain authority will decrease. To improve bounce rate, you should work on the quality of content and try to make it as attractive as possible.

16. Be patient

The last step you have to take for the improvement of your domain authority is to be patient. You can achieve nothing instantly. You have to work on your website for a long time and wait for the results patiently. It is the only way to achieve success and improve DA of your site.

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