How to grow your small business with marketing and Instagram

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There is no good to settle with a mediocre small business. You can set the bar really high just by strong determination and will. By putting in the right words and efforts, you can grow your small business really fast. Let’s check out how can we grow a small business really fast using marketing and Instagram.

Things required

  1. A PC or Laptop: It is very necessary to have a good laptop to make your business thrive online. You can’t really grow your business only using your phone. You can check out Expert Rating’s guide on the best laptops for small business. They are really good and are affordable.
  2. Working internet connection
  3. Instagram, Facebook Account: Using Social Media to leverage your growth is one of the best ways to grow online

Let’s get to the guide grow your small business with marketing and Instagram

1. Know your existing customers

Understand the needs and requirements of your existing customers. Set up an online form which is easy to fill. The Simplest tool for this purpose is google forms.

2. Offer Great Customer Service

By providing a good customer service to your existing clients you can use the leverage of adding some upsells to them from time to time. If you are into service, you can also charge higher for a faster customer service.

3. Nurture existing customers and look for new opportunities

Using data from surveys, and forms, you can see what your customers want and what you don’t offer. Looking for the potential opportunities, you may come across some new opportunities that you did not know that existed before.

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4. Use Social Media

Social Media is one of the highest potential platforms. Using social listening, you can identify the potential behavior, run ads, check out trends, find keywords that matter to your business. Most importantly, invest in your increasing your social media business presence.

5. Give Back to the community

Organize giveaways, using which you can request users to sign up to your news letter and follow you. This way both your community and you gain in return for small presents.

6. Measure what works

using tools like google analytics, you can monitor which pages on your website are performing great and which are not working up to the expectations. After knowing the differences, you can use it to fix what’s not working.

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7. Optimize Emails and Newsletters

Emails and Newsletters are often a great way to promote your products without paying a lot of amount. During Festive seasons, you can market your product using stuff like specials, discounts and subscriber-only coupons. You can also use Email Outreach tools that can set your email outreach to automation. This way you will have a growing list of customers without having to worry much.

8. Don’t Forget Local SEO

Did you know up to 46% of google searches involve local searches. Using GMB, review sites, directories, you can check the nearby searches and use them to your business’ leverage.

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While its no guarantee that using these tips will help you 100% grow your small business, but these are some of the most successful steps that flourishing businesses implement.

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