15 Free Guest Posting Sites In 2023 | Instant Approval

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For Writing, there are various reasons. It can be a story type or a creative idea, and it could be on anything, say either Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business, Technical write-ups, or History when you are looking for free guest posting sites to post your blogs. The audience is an essential factor. And if your writings are worth, then no need to be worried as websites will allow you to display your articles on their guest blogging sites.

Posting your blogs on free guest blogging sites is a powerful system wherein it boosts Traffic towards your blog and best online marketing strategy where you can invest in. You can get in touch with niche experts, explore new things, and upgrade your writing & presentation skills, which will help you lay a strong foundation for your vocation.

free blog posting sites

Link building is another outcome of posting blogs on free guest blogging sites. Google examines backlinks from top-level domains as a vital factor that ranks higher in search results. If you can build as many links from the high-authority niche sites, there is a chance to increase your search clicks and page visits. It will also bring some positive changes to the domain and page authorities of your website. Some are instant approval guest posting sites, and some you may have to follow some procedure before you are allowed to post your articles. As a guest, you get credits for your article and may also get responses from readers. 

Merits of Free Guest Posting Sites

free guest blogging sites


There were times where connecting with people was extremely difficult. But with free guest blogging sites, the process is at ease and simple. While working with other bloggers and writer’s communities, you improve your relationship, which would be beneficial in the long run. Even you can collaborate with others, also known as co-authored posts, by posting on free guest posting sites.


Once your top-notch articles get published, you can expect Traffic flowing at your site. Targeted Traffic is the life force for any business or blog. Several writers became famous because of their writings. Free guest blogging sites help you to venture into an existing established community of writers. Once you generate value, that would convert over time and garner more followers. Therefore, keep on adding value more and more and helping people out, and you will persuade.

Links & Shares 

Once you start writing for free guest posting sites, the blogger creates a link, and this will give your article a better ranking in Search Engines and the most benefit to you as a writer and a blogger. Later on, your content will be picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engines, and that’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helps your content be ranked and distributed better. More the shares more will be the eyes of your audiences.

Points to be considered before writing on free guest posting sites

guest blogging sites

Guest Posting is a trending one in the market. To improve one’s ranking, a few things to keep in mind before guest posting.

Catchy Headlines

There should be courage that helps you to stand out from other writers. Headlines are where the user clicks through to see what’s in the post. Try to write a compelling headline that ensures the reader wants more to read.

Pick up the right blogs

It is equally important to pick up the right guest poster and blog as the writer and the content can make or break down the posting cycle. Do ask questions to yourself whether this type of content covers and has a clear content or not? Before getting into a job, make sure that you check out their blogs and quality of content first.


It is the writer’s superpower. Content should be error-free of Grammar and spellings as these will make the entire piece shoddy, regardless of how interesting the topic is. So, make sure you do proofread once you are done with writing your Guest post.


The classic way of writing content is to include 

  1. Crisp
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Make the content lucid

The target audience operates at a layman level so the best is to place content without jargon and it should contain

  1. Soul
  2. Crispness
  3. Wit

Usage of Pictures & Videos

There is no restriction that a certain format is to be followed. You should look for different styles so as to give a look and wings to your content. Writing should involve

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Infographics

These will spice up your content if you want to take it to another level.

Free Guest Posting Sites

1. The Huffington Post

The Huffington free blog posting site is an American and Indian news website. This website accepts articles from any interested writer. It is one of the best free blog posting sites.

Global ranking: 152

Core theme: Business & Politics, Lifestyle, Popular Media, 

2. Investopedia

A financial website that allows free guest posting sites. However, it is not one of those instant approval guest posting sites as writers must first fill and submit an Investopedia contract form. 

Global ranking: 803

Core theme: Finance, Business

3. OutBrain

It is an advertising platform. It generates revenue through sponsored content. OutBrain is believed to be the world’s first content promotion platform. 

Global ranking: 128

Core theme: Business, Content Marketing

4. ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is a free guest posting site that has a community of 735 bloggers. It is a blog that so much believes in you being the boss.

Global ranking: 3,980

Core theme: Blogging, Money

5. Mashable

Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable, and is one of the best free blog posting sites. To write on Mashable you will have to write a stellar article, be reputable, and further, you will have to email it to the editor. 

Global ranking: 521

Core theme: Technology, Digital Culture, Entertainment

6. Thought Catalog

It is a very interesting platform where your stories, experiences, and thoughts can be put into Writing and published. It is one of those instant approval guest posting sites for you to share your experiences.

Global ranking: 2,525

Core theme: Success, love, lifestyle, education, fashion, and life

7. About

A website where hundreds of Expert writers have published articles and videos. If you’re confident about what you know, this might be a good place for you to write.

Global ranking: 430

Core theme: Everything

8. Sitepoint

It is a place where all web developers connect based on their love for building things on the Internet. It’s also where you can get the best training and advice on the latest web technologies.

Global ranking: 879

Core theme: Web Design & Development, Technology, Business

9. Entrepreneur 

The website is aimed at entrepreneurs and all passionate people. Guest posting on this website can be beneficial for the domain authority. 

Global ranking: 1,002

Core theme: Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Social Media

10. Lifehack

Lifehack’s core revolves around improving all aspects of your life better, from getting things done to build a positive influence around you. 

Global ranking: 2,118

Core theme: Lifestyle, Productivity

11. The Muse

It is an online resource for seeking “smart, inspiring job advice for every stage of your career.” They also let people meet and contact employers/companies here and join courses.

Global ranking: 4,056

Core theme: Career

12. Kissmetrics

It shows statistics and data that indicate business success. It helps businesses transform visitors into loyal customers to the brand while monitoring the Traffic. Overall, it is one of the best free blog posting sites.

Global ranking: 6,175

Core theme: Business, Marketing, Web Analytics

13. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends brings the top news, insight, success, and failures of experts who want to help small businesses survive and grow.

Global ranking: 12,802

Core theme: Business, Marketing, Entrepreneur, Technology, Finance

14. Social Media Today

Social Media Today has a huge community and resources for communication, customer experience.

Global ranking: 13,915

Core theme: Social Media, Marketing, Business, Digital Strategy

15. Elephant Journal

A popular online journal where writers share their personal stories from living a fun and productive life to enduring a tearing heartbreak.

Global ranking: 16,874

Core theme: Lifestyle, Productivity, Self-improvement.

Some are constantly writing on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and they like to establish themselves amid a professional network of people and exert a strong influence. If you post your blogs on guest blogging sites in the right manner, it can do wonders for you. So do give it a shot and post blogs on these free blog posting sites.

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