Everything you need to know about RBL Credit Cards

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One of the leading private sector banks in India, RBL Bank offers a number of different credit cards that are catered towards the varying needs of its users. Each time you use an RBL credit card to make an eligible purchase, you become eligible for a host of rewards, cashbacks, offers, or discounts. 

If you have been planning to apply for an RBL credit card, then here’s everything that you need to know about it.   

Features and Benefits of RBL Credit Cards

RBL credit cards come with a wide range of benefits and features for cardholders. Here are more details that can give you some much-needed clarity on the benefits of an RBL credit card. 

EMI Conversion

With the ‘Split n Pay’ and the ‘Split n Pay Plus’ features, you can convert the cost of individual big ticket purchases and your entire credit card bills into EMIs. 

Utility Bill Payment 

You can pay and automate all your utility bill payments in one place using the Bills2Pay feature on your RBL credit card. 

Balance Transfer Facility

If you have any outstanding balances on other credit cards, you can quickly transfer them to your RBL credit card and convert them into easy EMIs using the ‘Transfer n Pay’ feature. 

Cash Withdrawal Facility 

You can use your RBL credit card to withdraw cash from any ATM across India. The ‘Xpress Cash’ and ‘Dial for Cash’ features also allow you to use your card to get cash instantly transferred to your bank account.  

Low Processing Fees

If the possibility of high processing fees is keeping you from applying for an RBL credit card, you need not worry. The processing fee charged on RBL credit cards is economical and affordable, so your benefits are maximised.

Dial for Cash

You can also make use of the Dial for Cash feature to get instant cash using your RBL credit card. This facility gives you a preapproved loan without blocking your credit card limit. You can pay back the amount in easy instalments later, as per your convenience. 

Easy Tracking of RBL Credit Card Status

If you have applied for an RBL credit card, you can easily track the status of your application online, using just your application reference number and your registered mobile number.

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Eligibility Criteria for Applying for an RBL Credit Card 

One of the many advantages of an RBL credit card is that it comes with a very relaxed eligibility criteria. You will only have to satisfy the following three basic criteria to be able to apply for an RBL credit card. 

  • You must possess a good credit score. 
  • You must be above 23 years of age. 
  • You must be either a salaried individual or a self-employed individual.

Documents Required for Applying for an RBL Credit Card 

So, now that you’ve seen the eligibility criteria, let’s take a look at the kind of documents that you would have to submit when you  apply for RBL credit card

  • Your latest passport size photograph 
  • A copy of your identity proof (PAN, Aadhaar, Passport, Voter’s ID, or any other government photo ID) 
  • A copy of your address proof (Aadhaar, Passport, latest utility bill, rental agreement, driving licence, or latest bank statement or credit card statement)
  • A copy of your income proof (latest bank statement, salary slips, Income Tax Returns, or Form 16)

How to apply for an RBL Credit Card Online?

Getting an RBL credit card is extremely easy. You only need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Visit the website or the app of Bajaj MARKETS. 

Step 2: Head to the RBL credit card page and click on the ‘Apply Now’ option.

Step 3: Fill in the details required, like your name, mobile number, date of birth, and profession.

Step 4: Click on ‘Check Your Offer’ to view your eligibility for an RBL credit card.

Step 5: From the options available to you, select the best RBL Bank credit card for yourself based on your needs.

Step 6: Submit the credit card application form along with the required documents.

That’s it. Your application for an RBL credit card application will be processed within a few days, and if found eligible, you will receive your credit card. 

How to Check the Status of Your RBL Credit Card Application? 

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can check the RBL credit card status by using the reference number. Here’s what you would have to do. 

  • Visit the RBL credit card application tracking webpage. 
  • Enter the reference number and your registered mobile number and click on the ‘Get OTP’ button.
  • Enter the OTP that you receive on your phone and proceed. 

That’s it! Your RBL credit card status will be displayed on the webpage. 

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With this, you must now be aware of everything regarding RBL credit cards. So go ahead and apply for one right away. That said, remember to check your application once thoroughly before submitting to ensure that all the fields are filled with the correct information. This way, you can reduce the chances of the application getting rejected. 

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