30+ Education Business Ideas With Low Investment In India

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The education industry is booming right now. So if you have decided to do business in the education industry, you can do great business. We have provided here the top 31 education business ideas, which will help you to earn well. 

Top 31 Education Business Ideas

education startup ideas

1. Book Store

If we talk about good business in the education industry, then the book store might be profitable. Among all the business ideas in the education field available, this one is the easiest one as you don’t have to do a lot of research for this business, and the success rate is also very high in this field. 

2. Art and Craft Tuition’s

Generally, all the schools have an art and craft class for the students, and you can set up a good art and craft tutorial for the students as one of your education businesses. It will help them to create better art for usage in schools and a great business for you.  

3. Stationery Shop

Stationeries are one of the most essential elements in schools. It can be a great idea to set up a stationery store if you want your career in the education industry. 

4. Making projects

Sometimes students have a tough time preparing school projects. You can set up a business to help them understand their school project and prepare them with expertise.

5. Printing

One of the most common education startup ideas is to start a printing and Xerox shop. Students need a lot of prints, and you can make a good profit out of this business. This is one of the best business ideas related to education.

6. Bicycle Safety Courses and equipment’s

You can start a safety course on bicycles because students generally try out different stunts in their school time, and you can make them understand all the safety measures of their bicycle ride. You can also sell safety equipment’s to them and make a good amount of money.

7. Bicycle Repairing Shop

Students are more likely to use a bicycle for all types of commuting purposes. So if you want to make a career in education businesses, you can surely give a thought to open a bicycle repairing shop near a school. 

8. Small Startup Instructions

Sometimes school students think about starting a small startup after school. You can start a consulting agency where you can give them opinions about their startups and even talk to their parents about that as well.

9. Career Counselling

It is a natural tendency of the students to divert from their interests and get confused. You can open a counseling firm where you will give career advice to the students. Currently, it is one of the most famous business ideas related to education. It is one of the best side business ideas as well.

10. Chalk Making

Chalks are used in all the schools and colleges all the time. It is an excellent idea to start chalk making business if you want are looking for education business ideas and want to start a business in this field. 

11. Computer Institute

Currently, the computer is a common subject in all the schools out there. You can open a computer institute to teach the students how to operate the computer from an early stage. It is a great business idea, especially in India, and the scope of this business is very high in rural areas.

12. Coding Tutorial

If you are good at coding and looking for some business ideas in education industry, you can start your own coding tutorials to help the students learn this skill from a young age. You can give tutions online as well as offline. 

13. Dance Academy

Many students are interested in dancing in their free time, and many want to learn to dance. You can start a dance academy to teach them different dance forms by experienced teachers and make a good business out of it. It is a great business idea for women.

14. Music School

Like a dance academy, you can also start a music school where you can teach the students different forms of Music and the instruments. It is currently one of the most excellent education startup ideas as competition is also not very high.

15. Online Classes

It is the time when online classes are much more popular than the offline classes. Suppose you have an expertise in a particular subject and want to learn about good business ideas in the education industry. In that case, you can start giving online classes to the students to make them understand their concepts better. 

16. Crèche

Currently, most of the parents are working, so it is quite tough for them to take care of their children. You can open a crèche to keep the children with you in the daytime and give them some playful education. It is a very unique business idea.

17. EBook writing

It is the era of online education, and students browse a lot of eBooks presently. So among all the education business ideas, it can be a great choice to start writing eBooks in your expertise area. It will enable you to help the students as well as earn some profit.

18. School Uniform Tailoring

If you are good at tailoring, you can open a school uniform tailoring shop to provide the different types of schools’ uniforms. Kids grow fast, and they need their uniforms tailored from time to time. Buying a new uniform is expensive and you can give parents a margin of 1 to 2 years and save some money.

19. Branding Store

Nowadays, all the schools have separate logos and monograms and many other branding elements. If you are good with graphic design and other designing stuff, then you can start a branding store for the schools only.

20. Website Developer

Do you know how to make a website? Then you can start a website development business where you can develop the websites of different schools and colleges. It can be one of the best education start up ideas for you.

21. Arranging Camps

Students generally love to go to summer or winter camps during their vacation. You can start a business where you can arrange these types of camps for the students.

22. Event Management

Among many other education business ideas, you can also open an event management company to arrange School functions and educational programs all by yourself. You can plan trips for students as well. It is one of the best business ideas in Jaipur.

23. First Aid Training

Students are quite prone to injuries, and that is why first aid training can be one of the best education start up ideas for you. You can train students on how to handle situations where they injure themselves while playing. 

24. Gardening Tutorial

The environment is an essential aspect to take care of, and if you can aware of the students from a young age to save the environment by gardening, then it will be the best initiative taken by you. It is a great business option as well; you can provide workshops in exchange for money.

25. Home Tutoring

If you love teaching children, you can take up a home tutoring job as one of your education businesses. Pay is excellent in home tuitions and you can earn a good amount of money by providing good services.

26. Language School

There is a high scope for people who knows several languages. So you can start a language school for the children to learn different languages from a young age. 

27. Manners Training

It is an excellent idea to teach students about different mannerisms beforehand. So you can give it a thought too. It is one of the best business ideas in education as manners training is a must for students nowadays.

28. Martial Arts 

Martial art for self-defense courses should be there where children will get to know how to protect themselves in the real world. You can provide students workshops in schools by contacting schools.

29. Library

Opening a library is one of the best business ideas because a library can be a great choice for the students to increase their knowledge and read books that they cannot find easily or don’t want to pay a full price for. 

30. Playschool

If you are good with children, you can open a playschool to make the children understand many things by playing some familiar games with them. It is one of the best education startup ideas.

31. Stress Management Workshop

Students currently have a lot of stress in their lives, and one of the best business ideas related to education will be to start stress management consulting.


This was the list of top 31 education business ideas. If you have any other education business idea in your mind then you can mention it in this comments down below.

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