An Exhaustive List of 51 Best Small Business Ideas in Delhi

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Since the time of yore, the masses have migrated to metropolitan cities for money, employment and growth. Some of these people leave their homes in the hope of finding new work, while others gather dreams of stomping the business world head-on like a bull rising questions in people’s mind like what are the small business ideas in Delhi?

Delhi is one such metropolitan city, in which low investment business in Delhi has been a promising light for many. There is no doubt that Delhi, being the capital of India has mustered massive amounts of economic attention. Sadly, with financial success acquired by many, challenges faced by the budding entrepreneurs have grown multifold to hunt for business ideas in Delhi with low investment. Amongst the masses that cluster to fulfil their dreams to start a business, struggling to find an idea that would work, forget that their unique idea will soon land into the pre-existing pool of many such.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and want to start a small business in Delhi or are looking for the best profitable business in Delhi, the following extensive list of best business ideas in Delhi with low investment can be your shortcut to success.

Pull up your socks and wear your running shoes, as your journey to success begins:

best business ideas in delhi

1. Sell Designer Masks

Starting small for a big start with one of these unique and trending small business ideas in Delhi. With Coronavirus governing our lives and masks becoming a part of our daily lives, designer masks prepared specially for individual customers can bring huge profit margins.

2. Pharmacy

Another one of the best business ideas in Delhi during current times is opening a pharmacy. The surge of Covid-19 has left everyone affected and no one can deny the importance of the medical industry. As the vaccines make their way to the market, opening a pharmacy can be the best business to start in Delhi.

3. Event Management

Wanting to start a low budget business in Delhi? This is your game! Event management may seem like a lavish industry but this industry strives on the money of the client. Thus, for people wanting to invest less during the initial phase of their business, this can be the new business ideas in Delhi that not many people dare to start, making it the best choice considering reduced competition.

4. Mobile Repair

Since the emergence of mobile phones in 1973, small scale business opportunities in Delhi for mobile repair have only experienced an upsurge. However powerful and modern our phones might be, they are machines and machines require maintenance.

5. Café

Once known as the country of tea drinkers is now hooked on the flavor’s of coffee. Also, the south Indian coffee farms have made it easier to procure coffee with impeccable quality. Therefore, this seems to be the perfect opportunity to venture into coffee-related new business ideas in Delhi.

6. Digital Marketing Agency

Our Prime Minister does not only talk about Digital India, we are visually experiencing its emergence. This is by far the most popular low investment business in Delhi to exist in this digital era.

7. Interior Designing

India is a developing nation- as the homes are being made, they are also being decorated and designed. If you want to start a small business in Delhi, this could be your green signal for a budget-friendly career start.

8. Salon

Not only women but in these modern times, men also need to groom. The economy crashes or booms, this business can never go out of fashion. This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi to ever exist, so, go grab your beauty kit!

9. Online Bakery

If baking is your thing, don’t spend a minute wasting and lay hold of this low budget business in Delhi. 

You may wonder why is this idea low budget? 

Baking is costly?!

Well, baking can have its basic costs but as you are selling online, you do not need to bake tons of cakes for display. This saves you tons of money, energy and resources, making it the best business to start in Delhi.

10. Niche Blogger (Travel, Fashion and more)

Talking of small scale business opportunities in Delhi and not discussing blogging will seem worthless in today’s times. 

But there is a twist with this one too, you will not be doing just about any type of blogging, you will be finding your niche before you start to make this idea the best profitable business in Delhi.

11. Paying-Guest/ Renting Services

Delhi is many things but not a place to find affordable properties, thus many people are resorting to renting. To create such small business ideas in Delhi into a winner, you only need a property or home or a room and there you have it-money! 

12. Catering

The food industry has seen many economical changes but only seems to grow. The parties, events and ceremonies all require food, why not use this business idea in Delhi with low investment to start your own profitable business?

13. Eating Joints

The youngsters are always looking for new places to visit with their friends. Opening small different eating joints around the city can be your ticket to success. As you will be investing little amounts in different places, your chances of success are manifold.

14. Coaching Centre

Education as a sector has immense potential to gain profits. Firstly, it is the business idea in Delhi with low investment because you can use your pre-existing skills to teach and learn on the way. Also, you can start this low budget business in Delhi from anywhere, even your home.

15. Fruit Juice Kiosk

Health is trending and so is the idea of selling fruit juices for a living. You can open a fruit juice shop or a stall by the road as an excellent pick from a pool of small business ideas in Delhi.

16. Garment Tailoring

Another new feather in the cap of low investment business in Delhi is garment tailoring. It is an old trade, as many Indian women get their traditional garments stitched but you can add spice to this trade by designing and stitching custom-made western dresses and outfits.

17. YouTube Channel

New business ideas in Delhi are not limited to selling something physical, the virtual world has become equally powerful. You can start your YouTube channel, be your boss and sell products on your channel. 

18. Wedding Consultants

A pandemic, life or finances, nothing can stop weddings from happening. Then why should you not use this best business to start in Delhi? You can create an online database of prospective clients who would like to marry and consult people who are looking for advice on how to find their perfect match.

19. Online Courses

Worried about your career and want to start a small business in Delhi? But you don’t have investments, no place to start your business model, what should you do? 

Online courses are the perfect opportunities for such situations!

20. Photographer

You can also pick this time-proven profession and become a professional photographer or hire a team of many.

21. Bookstore

If you think with kindles, phones and laptops books are going out of fashion. Well, you are mistaken. Avid readers are only growing by the minute who search for another book every few days and you can be their source to joy.

22. Customized Jewellery

One of the best profitable business in Delhi is customised jewellery because you have a niche and charge higher rates for each intricate piece that you create.

23. Fashion Designer

Certainly, one of the best business ideas in Delhi is becoming a fashion designer or owning a fashion house. This is because Delhi has a diverse set of the population that loves fashion.

24. Fitness Instructor (Online)

No, we are not talking about gym training. This one is online. Use your passion to exercise to train other people to fall in love with fitness and gain money out of it. What could be better?

25. Graphic Designer

Becoming a graphic designer can be an impeccable low budget business choice. As you can start directly after finish a course in graphic designing. All you need is creativity and skill.

26. Hobby Classes

We all have hobbies and love acquiring new ones. Use your hobbies to teach others and help them rejuvenate with your talent.

27. Pet- Daycare Services

With life becoming busy and no time for self, it is difficult to take care of your pet while working. Providing pet day-care services can be a relief for many and a low investment business in Delhi for you.

28. Pet- Grooming Services

If people have pets, these pets need to be groomed as well. Your love for pets can be used as a business opportunity and source of income.

29. Researcher

Many companies have started outsourcing research and development. You can create your team of researchers and provide these services for an impeccable fee.

30. Food Truck

Amongst the few small scale business opportunities in Delhi lies this gem. The food truck business is on the rise, why not use it for your advantage?

31. Sports Coaching 

Love sports? Is it your forte? Become a sports coach and train budding sportspersons.

32. Translation Services

Globalisation has brought multilingual countries together, creating scope for language experts to gain profits with their skill.

33. Recruitment Services

Hire people from the comfort of your own as you select this one from the collection of best business ideas in Delhi with low investment.

34. Tour Guide Services

Nothing better than tour guide services as a low investment business in Delhi. You need nothing but spectacular knowledge about different places in Delhi.

35. Travel Agency

Everyone loves to travel. This means that the travel industry has scope for many, making it the most sought-after industry.

36. Professional Cookery Classes

Use your cooking skills to teach others who lack this essential life skill.

Don’t underestimate the power of good food!

37. Website Designing Services

Every other person has a website these days, but not everyone knows how to make them!

38. E-Commerce

This emerging industry has a spotless reputation for start-ups and new business owners.

39. Restaurant

Yet again the power of food never disappoints. All you need is great cooks and the perfect location.

40. Tattoo Services

Our body has become a canvas for many and you can help people paint it.

41. Social Media Manager

Many companies are looking for people who can help them manage their ever-growing social media accounts. You can provide such services as one of the best business ideas in Delhi with low investment.

42. Nutritionist/ Dietician

Help people understand nutrition and live a healthy life whilst earning money.

43. Auto Modification Services

Why sell boring cars when you can modify them and earn more? Create modified cars for affluent customers.

44. Cab Services

Cabs are being used now more than ever, don’t miss out on this opportunity to succeed.

45. Driving Classes

This can be an exceptional idea from the existing small business ideas in Delhi. You need nothing but the skill to drive. Easy gains with almost no investment.

46. Courier Services

You can tie up with courier companies and start collecting couriers for a small commission.

47. Professional Shopping

This is an emerging concept in the huge pool of new business ideas in Delhi. You can shop for other people who are busy to shop for themselves. 

Love shopping? 

Buy while you earn!

48. Detective Agency

Opening a detective agency is also an option that you can look into while deciding your business opportunities.

49. Child Day-care

Many working parents need a place to drop their kids while they work. You can open a day-care at home and earn without investing much in infrastructure.

50. Real Estate Agency

Buying and selling properties is a passion and hobby for many, you can target this group and become a real estate agent who works for commissions.

51. Custom Chatbot Services

As the technological age is taking over many companies have their chatbots and require people for the custom version of it. This can be your big break in the advent of this new digital era.


These were some of the best small business ideas that you can easily start in Delhi with low investment. You don’t need invest a lot of money in any of these businesses in the beginning.

Do you have any other business idea in mind? Mention it in the comments.

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