17 New And Innovative Ideas For Advertising in 2023

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Whether you are going to start a business or your business is well established, people need to be aware of the existence of your business. Advertising helps to increase and generate more profit as it enables people to know the products. Advertising a product also helps to reduce competition. Here we have added some of the best advertising ideas for small business.

There are many offline and online creative advertising ideas to market your business. Advertising a business online is the most comfortable and cheapest way as it requires less money and allows the seller to reach to your targeted audience. It attracts people through advertising; customers already know about your business before buying any product or service. It also stands you out from the crowd. If you choose social media as a platform to advertise your business, you should be careful about the correctness of the information.

17 new and innovative ideas to advertise for business

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Social media is one of the fastest and easiest advertising platforms as it offers to advertise your business to a target audience. You can quickly market your business through Facebook by just a single click and reach people interested in your business. A great option for creative advertising ideas.

2. Start a blog

creative advertising ideas

You can start blogging and promote your business through your blogs. Also, you can contact various websites to promote your business through their blogs.

  • Always create unique content to make your blog shareable.
  • Show your activeness by posting regularly to attract the audience if you are blogging yourself. 
  • Create a link for advertisers to help them easily contact you for rates and requirements. 
  • One of the best advertisement ideas for students looking for free advertising ideas.

3. Design a website

Your website is the first impression your business makes on the customers. Website designing is an effective way to promote your products.

  • It provides general information about your company and makes your business look professional.
  • It gets easier to showcase your products, and people could easily share your products with other people, which helps in advertising. 

4. Ask for reviews and feedback’s

customer reivews

Always insist on the buyer to give reviews about your product. It will help you in giving better knowledge of your products.

  • Reviews help other people to know your product well and create trust.
  • Make use of sales-specific features offered by Google to increase the interest of your customers.

5. List on Google My Business

free advertising ideas

It is essential to list your business on Google Local if you have a store or a business affected by local customers. It is free; you need to add your company name and fill all the necessary details to list your local business on google. It is one of the best advertising ideas for small business. Good idea for people looking for free advertising ideas.

6. Messenger Ads

Messenger Ads

It is best to chat with your customers to manipulate your customers by answering all of their queries. 

  • It offers advertising options, which makes it easy for the sellers as well for the buyers.
  • Always be active and respond to the questions of the customers and do not show rude behavior to them.

7. Create YouTube Video Ads

YouTube Video Ads

Promoting your business through YouTube videos is one of the best ways to market your business or give it push that it needs

  • Create video content and boost it to get it more visible.
  • Ask creators who create content similar to your business in exchange for money.

For Example: If you own a restaurant you can invite a popular food vlogger to visit your restaurant and make a video. It will help you to promote your business in a short time.

8. Look for Influencers


Look for the influencers who can promote your product and request them to show their experience with your products. It will influence more people to look for your product.

  • Ask influencers to show your product in their videos or photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. 
  • You can also ask influencers to make a complete video about your product as well to attract more customers.

9. Print on Yellow pages

Yellow pages

It is one of the oldest but effective way to advertise your business. Through this advertisement, people who are not socially active will get to know about your business. An easy idea for people looking for advertisement ideas for students.

10. Attract customers with items

Attract customers with items

It is one of the best ways to attract customers and increase the reach of your business. Print the logo of your company and other information on magnets, key rings, pens and distribute them to the customers at events for free. Good option for people looking for creative advertising ideas.

11. Use Amazon Handmade

amazon advertising ideas

Amazon provides the best Platform through Amazon Handmade to the buyers to sell their crafts for free. In this way, it becomes very easy to sell your products to a broader audience.

12. Referral cards for advertising

Referral cards

It is an effective way to refer others to your business—this helps in building long-term relationships with the customer.

  • Print small cards with necessary information about your company like email, contact number, etc. and distribute them to the customers.
  • Give them to potential costumers for free.

13. Sponsor an Online Contest

Sponsor an Online Contest

Conduct an online contest to attract your customers’ attention and offer products like smartphones, laptops, etc. as prizes to attract your customers.

  • You can ask influencers to do it in the exchange of free products.
  • Make some terms and conditions to make people promote your contest as much as possible to reach more people.

14. Partnership with Industries

Partnership with Industries

Partnering with the industry which deals with the same business helps in expanding your business. It will introduce you to the whole new group of customers. A great idea for people who are looking for advertising ideas for small business.

15. Speak at events for advertising

Speak at events

 Be a leader and attract the audience by the power of your language. Share the words of praise about your business and tell them about the features of your business. 

16. Distribute company brand products

Distribute company brand products advertising ideas

Give away T-shirts, bags printed with the logo of your company to the customers as a thank you gift. It will help in advertising your business as it will reach to more number of people. 

17. Answer questions on Quora

Quora advertising ideas

Answering questions on Quora can be beneficial. In this way, one can add backlinks to your website and drive traffic.

  • It is specifically for online businesses. 
  • You can also answer local questions to promote offline products as well. 
  • It is one of the best advertisement ideas for students who are looking for free advertising ideas.

We hope you will make use of these advertising ideas for small business to take your business to a new level.

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