13 Best Affiliate Programs In India In 2023

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Affiliate Marketing can also be termed as “Performance Marketing.” It is a mechanism by which one can earn a commission by promoting other company’s products. Don’t confuse Affiliate Marketing with referral Marketing. Both are entirely different though both parties drive sales to the retailer. The advertisers overlooked Affiliate Marketing. This maintains a lower profile. The online retailers are there to capture all the attention from emails, search engines. There are a lot of affiliate programs in India. Affiliate Marketing has four core players; they stated below:

  • Merchant
  • Network
  • Publisher
  • Customer

Affiliate Marketing has been rewarded for bringing customers to pay a visit, purchase, or subscription to any services.

13 Best Affiliate Networks

affiliate marketing india

There are many different Affiliate programs in India, out of which here are some of the best Affiliate programs in India.

1) AccuWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

AccuWeb Hosting is offering high-quality hosting services to its global clients since 2003. You can signup for their high-paying affiliate program for free. They offer a commission of upto $200 for each sale. Along with that, you can earn a commission on a PPC basis for referring visitors to their website. They provide all the marketing material like banners, text ads, text links, email links, and much more.

Benefits of joining AccuWeb Hosting’s Affiliate Program:

  • Unlimited money earning potential.
  • extended 90 days of cookie life.
  • All the marketing and training material to help you promote affiliate links.
  • 24*7 technical support.
  • Earning upto $200 for each sale as well as PPC commission.
  • Easy to share affiliate links.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to track your performance and earnings.

Website: https://www.accuwebhosting.com/affiliates  

2) Flipkart Affiliate Programs

best affiliate programs in india

Flipkart Affiliate Programs need zero fees to sign in. It is one of the most advanced e-commerce players when it comes to the best affiliate programs in India. You just have to generate traffic from the website, mobile site, or any other source to earn a commission.

  • You can receive a 15% commission whenever a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase. 
  • Exciting features like broad product categories, a listing of products, clicking on the banner, and purchasing from your site can help in Affiliate marketing. 
  • It is advisable to add good customized content so that it would look more attractive. 
  • Flipkart is one of the best affiliate programs in India.  

Website: https://affiliate.flipkart.com/

3) Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate program

The registration charge is free, so the only thing you need is to sign up for this affiliate program by using your current Amazon account, where you will find different kinds of tools and features. The tool kit is there to help you in speeding up the affiliate marketing process. Amazon is a good affiliate network India. 

  • Here the SiteStripe Toolbar helps create an affiliate link and easily share with Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Amazon is an  amazing platform for Affiliate Marketing in India as it has an incredible number of products to Affiliate
  • Depending on your product, you can earn a profit of at least 0.3% to as high as 12% through Amazon’s affiliate programs. 
  • This is one of the best affiliate networks.

Website: https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/

4) eBay Affiliate

eBay affiliate program

eBay is a good part of Affiliate Marketing India. This affiliate program is suitable for folks who are looking to earn money and anyone can subscribe to it free of cost. That means you don’t have to spend a single penny. If you are an affiliate marketer, then all you have to do is promote products, and this way, you can earn the commission on every sale, which is launched by them. 

  • Basically here you only need, Find, Share and Earn. 
  • The payments are excellent and quick transfers are made on this site. 
  • You can earn a commission of up to 12%. 
  • The URL age in this program is 1.0 years. 
  • It is a good part of the affiliate network India.

Website: https://partnernetwork.ebay.com/

5) Big Rock Affiliates

Bigrock affiliate program

Big Rock is an affiliate program and has perfectly fitted to web designers and bloggers who generally blog about web hosting. It gives affiliates a very advanced commission for every traffic sale, which is generated from their links. 

  • This Affiliate Program provides high-value hosting services, and this makes it very impressive to possible shoppers. Overall it is a good part of Affiliate Marketing India.
  • Big Rock offers brokerage rates, ranging from 22.5% to 45% of all sales generated by affiliates. 
  • Big Rock is a great Affiliate Programs in India and is widely used nowadays.

Website: https://www.bigrock.in/affiliate

6) Jabong Affiliates

Jabong affiliate program

You can promote your products in Jabong if you are passionate about accessories, jewellery, and dresses to make money online

  • The customer service department is recommendable, and the delivery is not late. 
  • Jabong is one of the topmost platforms for Affiliate Marketing India
  • It charges less, so one can quickly sign up and, with the tools, spread it on Facebook and Instagram.

Website: https://www.cuelinks.com/campaigns/jabong-affiliate-program

7) GoDaddy Affiliates

Godaddy affiliate program

GoDaddy is a world comprehensive web hosting provider, and it has its affiliates all over the world, including India.

  • So GoDaddy is a great platform for Affiliate Marketing India.
  •  If someone has his own website then this is a great affiliate program for you.

Website: https://in.godaddy.com/affiliate-programs

8) Shaadi.com Affiliates

Shadi.com affiliate program

From Shaadi.com also, one can easily earn money. You have to sign up for wedding ceremonies. You must be thinking that it is not possible to make money from here, but no, you are wrong. 

  • This is a great platform for those who post about wedding-related blogs. 
  • You will get a good amount of commission if any couple fixes their marriage from this site and is recommended by you. 
  • You can make 70-75%. 
  • Shaadi.com is also a great option for  Affiliate Network India .

Website: https://affiliate.shaadi.com/

9) MakeMyTrip Affiliates

Makemytrip affiliate program

This affiliate program is for those who love travelling. So if you like to do trekking, then by this, you can easily earn from this Affiliate program to make money online

  • You can earn up to 60-70% commission. 
  • Through portals, travellers can book their air tickets, train tickets, etc. 
  • That is a desirable affiliate network India since the competition is low over here. 

Website: https://www.cuelinks.com/campaigns/makemytripcom-ios-cpi-non-incent-affiliate-program

10) AdmitAd Affiliates

Admitad affiliate program

AdmitAd places advertisements on e-commerce blogs, and commissions that only earns when a sale has been made from these ads. 

  • That is a great platform for affiliate marketing India. 
  • You can earn a high commission and can draw a good salary. 
  • This is one of the best affiliate networks for those who can increase ad clicks. 

Webiste: https://www.admitad.com/in/

11) NearBuy Affiliates 

Nearbuy affiliate programs in india

NearBuy is an affiliate where people go to purchase products and services that are located nearby. 

  • If you are looking for a restaurant to eat or a platform to hold a get together, this is the perfect site that offers you suggestions. 
  • You can earn good money from it from their Affiliate Program.. That is the Affiliate Program in India.

Website: http://affiliates.nearbuy.com/

12) ShopClues Affiliates

Shopclues affiliate program

In ShopClues, more than 8 million articles have sold. On every occasion, they give discounts to attract customers like Friday Flee, Wednesday Super Saver Bazaar. 

  • That is one of the best affiliate programs in India. 
  • One can easily earn a commission from it.
  • You can promote their products on your website or share customized links to earn good income. 

Website: https://www.shopclues.com/affiliate.html

13) Hostgator Affiliates

Hostgator affiliate networks

Hostgator is one of the most famous web hosting companies.

  • Promoting Hostgator services and products will earn an affiliate 44 dollars for every customer who signs up from a promotional link. 
  • It is the best platform for marketing in India of best affiliate networks.

Website: https://www.hostgator.in/affiliates

Honorable Mention

Tata Cliq Affiliates

affiliate network india tata cliq

That is one of the best affiliate programs in India since it had launched in 2016. 

  • It is an online marketplace where you can earn good commission through their Affiliate Programs.
  • It has gained immense popularity in offering high quality national and international products for sale for its customers. 
  • This Affiliate Programs India is one of the best affiliate networks.

Website: https://www.tatacliq.com/affiliates

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