111+ Side Business Ideas In India With Low Investment In 2023

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Speaking about Business ideas and concepts regardless of how satisfying your full-time career may be, discovering the right side business ideas and finally getting self-employed is far more exciting than a job.

It is without a doubt more difficult to take the road of discovering new business ideas than to be satisfied with having a 9-5 job. There has to be more commitment, if you’re garnering the luxury rewards of becoming your boss. You will have to work hard through the entrepreneurial plans to earn substantially more money than you ever did in your job. So in 2023, immerse yourself in the most profitable small business ideas to start from home. Here is the list of business ideas which you can run as a side business.

111+ Side Business Ideas in 2023

1. Daula service 

It is a service in which the pregnant ladies are provided with all the necessary emotional and physical support that is needed. 

It is an emerging business, and any person who is looking for side business ideas, especially females, can do this as a side business. 

2. Medical Sample Collector 

Health is ignored by most of us nowadays, and getting tested in labs is very time consuming as well. Most of the old people cannot go to labs to give their samples for testing. 

You can start a small business in which you can take samples from home in exchange for extra cash. It will save the time and energy of clients and give you an opportunity to earn some extra cash. 

3. Redesigning of old sarees and lehengas 

It is a business that can be very productive if done in the right way. Most of the ladies don’t wear the same saree, lehenga, or suit more than 6-7 times. You can redesign their clothes to make them new. 

It is a very profitable side business if you are a bit creative. 

4. Children Play area 

You can make children play area if you have space or you can take space on rent as well. It is a very profitable business as parents want to provide their children as much enjoyment as they can. 

If you love kids, then this is a perfect business idea for you.

5. Wig making business 

With growing pollution and stress, people are losing their hair, and you can provide designer wigs to help them look young again. 

It is a good business for those who want to earn some extra income with a side business by selling wigs online and offline as well. 

6. Aquarium cleanings service 

There are a lot of people out there who love fishes and have an aquarium at their home. Aquarium needs service as well, and you can provide cleaning services to them.

It is a great side business for those who are looking for weekend business ideas to be done on weekends. 

7. Diet Namkeen Business (Homemade)

In India, people love namkeen, and namkeen causes a lot of health problems as well because it is not healthy. 

You can make healthy baked namkeen with light spices and sell it online or offline. I am sure it will be a hit as it is one of the best businesses to start from home in this list of business ideas.

8. Organic grocery store

You can start your own grocery store where you will only keep organic products. People are taking their health seriously nowadays, and you can provide healthy organic products to them.

9. E rikshaw business

You can buy an e rickshaw and put it on rent. It is a great side business in India to earn some side income without investing a lot of money in it. It is a very profitable side business in this list of list of business ideas.

10. Renting gym equipment’s

You can buy some gym products and put them on rent on a monthly basis. It is a great side business for students who want to earn side income in hostels or even at home. 

11. Water cans business 

It is the most neglected side business yet profitable one. You can sell water cans to customers in exchange for money. The best part is you can make permanent clients in this business and handle the complete business with your phone. 

12. Indian Food Blog

Recent statistics on blogging show that tens of thousands of bloggers create profitable content on different topics. It is a very profitable side business for those who love to write blogs. 

You can create Indian food blogs as it is very popular and you can make different combinations of Indian food on your blogs to interest audience.

13. Homemade Food

If you are good at cooking, home made food delivery is a good option as people are looking to eat homemade food instead for food from hotels. It is a good business option for ladies.

14. House Maid Services

Contact maids and provide them work in exchange of money from your clients. You can look for high profile clients and provide quality services to them by teaching maids how to work professionally.

You can also cast aside one or two days per week while, or otherwise just a limited part of every day, to attend the homes of the customers and do a good washing. It can be the best weekend business ideas.

15. Homemade Papad

One of the Best Businesses to start from home, a homemade papad brand will be an ideal way to launch a small business, and potentially even become your key source of income.

16. Online Puja Booking platform

If you are looking for home based online business, you can create a platform on which people could book Puja online. It is a great option for those who have a knowledge of apps and websites.

17. eBay Seller

It is one of those well deserving under home-based business ideas. For a diverse selection of items, you can simply generate an eBay store, particularly something that is worth a fortune.

People in many countries are earning a lot with this business as scope of this side business is very high as it is a very profitable side business in many countries.

18. Portrait Photographer

When you’re well equipped with knowledge in photography and have the proper equipment, you can arrange weekend photography consultations with customers, or just a few schedules a week.

19. Uber Driver

Transport companies such as Uber and Lyft enable you to make additional profit by taking clients to their locations. And you can do that on your terms, entirely and also it’s a good weekend business idea.

20. Social-Media Manager

Give local businesses or small online businesses your social media knowledge and skills by creating and managing their social media profiles. It takes less time to manage them and make a good income with it. It is a great home based online business.

21. Yoga Instructor

Yoga’s, in your house, in a leased studio or even online for those who are looking for home based online business, you can deliver lessons or even individual courses, so it is one of the best home-based business ideas in this list of list of business ideas.

22. Tour-Guide

Another major weekend business idea, you could lead tours or provide details on weekends if you stay in a location that is associated with tourists. It is a profitable side business if you know different languages.

23. Dog Walker

Connect the pet holders of the local neighborhood and give the pets to walk for a few hours a day or perhaps a couple of days a week. Not a very popular business idea in India but the scope of this business is good as in the busy life people don’t have a lot of time for their pets nowadays.

24. Web Designer

Many businesses and even individuals pay for the design and development of high-quality web pages by independent designers and software practitioners.

25. Account Preparing

It is one of those great home-based business ideas which gives in exchange for a nominal fee to file tax returns for companies. This side company is potentially very busy during the tax seasons, but not very busy all year round.

26. Hindi eBook Writer

These days, everyone can write and publish books. Simply create an idea, publish it, and sell your books on sites like the Kindle library in Amazon.

27. Computer Repair

You will provide computer repair services to clients in your region if you are aware of computers and technologies.

28. T-shirt Designer

On many online platforms, you can sell T-Shirts and similar items featuring custom designs or artworks. In return for a section of the sales website, including CafePress and Redbubble print shirts and deal with other facets of purchases.

29. Podcaster

Begin a podcast in which an interesting subject would be explored, you can make it your one of the best part time business ideas. And if the show has a large fan base, you can even ask for advertising from various clients.

30. House Sitter

By watching at homes of people when they are outside the city, you will make money. Build a client base in your field with word of mouth and also through a platform.

31. 2nd hand items Seller

Sell old clothes, shoes, and home pieces you purchased on nearby flea markets, auction stands or platforms such as Etsy or eBay over the years.

32. Property Manager

Manage properties by cleaning them and taking care of them in exchange of money. You can hire people to take care of those properties while you look for more clients.

33. Renting House To Tourists

If you have a house in tourist spots like Goa, Manali, Shimla you should list your house or part of your home on sites such as Airbnb for short-term rentals so that holidaymakers should afford to live there as your part time business ideas.

34. Dance Instructor

Offer dance lessons to adults or children in your home or a leased studio space or a private institution.

35. Affiliate Marketer

Create a website, forum, or social media accounts to raise money by sharing affiliates links of goods or services you want sell people in exchange of commission.

36. App Developer

If you are savvy around mobile apps, you can gain extra money by designing business software or just by making your own application.

37. Resume Writer

It is one of those widely famous part time business ideas in which you can choose a fee to write professional resumes and/or cover letters for those who want to apply for an interview.

38. Estate Seller

When people sell lands, they sometimes use brokers to help them bring it all together. Charge a premium for arranging and promoting the property. It is one of the best side businesses if you are good at convincing people.

39. Provide Handyman Services on Urbanclap

It is quite difficult to work in India as a handyman as in India people don’t give respect to people who provide handyman services. But you can work with professional apps like urbanclap to work professionally and work with honor and respect. You can help consumers repair items at home and complete tasks if you are good at any hand work.

40. Interior Designer

Assist clients in planning and building their homes and advising them on other decorative elements in exchange of money. You can look for single client at a time and work on weekends.

41. Mobile Laundry

It is one of the most famous part time business ideas. You can provide laundry and folding services by gathering the clothes, washing and drying them, and then returning them to your local customers.

42. Moving Services

You can provide support to people in moving from one place to another in exchange of money. You can do this business as a side business.

43. Product Licensing and selling

Do you have a new product’s special idea? The concept can be produced, patented, and sold to some other company, in this way you don’t have to have to waste your time producing and shipping stuff yourself.

44. Advertising via Vehicle

Many firms pay people for advertisements while driving your cars. The company will cover your car with their advertisement and give you money in exchange. If you are looking for part time business ideas with 0 effort then this one is perfect for you.

45. Home Organizer

Help consumers organize themselves through their homes and/or workplaces to provide storage facilities for the use of all their products.

46. Smartphone Repair at home

Many customers need repair facilities for items such as smashed glass or damaged buttons with the increasing proliferation of smartphones. You can provide repairing services at their home in exchange of money for ultimate satisfaction of clients.

47. Hair Stylist Service at home

Using the hair styling expertise of yours to provide hair styling services at home of your clients is a good side business.

48. Makeup Artist Service at home

Provide make up services to your clients at their homes and you can charge extra as well. It is a great and one of the easiest side business ideas to for.

49. Furniture Upcycler

If you’re a Designer, you can buy furniture inexpensive or used and refresh it with some new design or color and sell it to clients.

50. Junk Remover

If companies or individuals are constructing or cleaning up the property, they may need junk removal services. Charge a fee for extracting such things for customers if you have the right equipment and workers for this work.

51. Pet Groomer

You can provide pet grooming services to high profile clients. People love pets and you can provide them good service in exchange of money.

52. Domain Seller

If you think you can only purchase and resell physical products then you are wrong. You can purchase domain names online and then market them to potential customers.

53. Online Tutions

For those who are looking for home based online business this one is perfect for you. Through delivering online classes, share your expertise on a particular topic with potential students.

54. Part Time Baker

Do you love baking? Baked products can be sold locally, at festivals, or to local businesses. One of the best businesses to start from home.

55. Catering business

You can provide catering services on weekends or for special activities in your area at reasonable prices with home cooked meals.

56. Logo Designer

You can sell your services to companies looking for basic logos or other branding features if you have experience of logo designing. A good option for the people who are looking for some freelance part time work on freelancing sites.

57. Illustrator

As an illustrator, you can provide your skills to people who want to decorate their walls with customized artwork or even sell your artwork.

58. Woodworker

Different products of wood can be made, from furniture to little toys, and then sold online and in local shops. A great side business for creative people.

59. Event Planner

Provide support schedule weddings, marriages, and other activities to clients for vendors, guest lists, and other things. It is a great side business for weekends.

60. Copywriter

Their are various companies who want copywriter who are content writers. You can provide them those services at reasonable prices and you can work from home as well. It is a successful home business.

61. Make a YouTube Channel

To exchange knowledge on different topics that are of interest, you can start your own YouTube channel. Further you can make money from advertising or sales through influencer marketing.

62. Social-Media Influencer

In other media networks, you can also control and exchange knowledge about various goods and brands. For this you will need ample number of followers on your social media handle.

63. Music Instructor

You can easily teach music or voice lessons from your own home or rent a spot and teach students how to play an instrument or even how to sing.

64. Sell photos on Imagebazar

You can take photos and send them for storing to websites like Imagebazar so that people can use or purchase pictures on their websites or materials.

65. DJ In Weddings and Parties

Offer your service in your neighborhood as a DJ for pubs, restaurants, or even special events. It is one of the best side businesses for people who love music. 

66. Business Consultant

Using your business experience in supporting others by providing other owners or similar customers coaching or advisory services.

67. Public Speaker

You cay give your services as a presenter at different events if you have interesting information about a topic. A good idea for weekends and a successful home business as well if you give speeches online.

68. Jewelry Maker

Create and sell your original jewelry designs at local art fairs or online. It is a great business idea if you are looking for business ideas for women.

69. Landscaper

During the summer season, you can do lawns, remove weeds, or do other landscaping jobs. It is one of the best side businesses for health freaks who love to work in the heat.

70. Athletic Trainer

Speak to clients about your sports or wellness expertise on online or offline classes or personal training. It is a great business idea for fitness enthusiasts.

71. Farmhouse Pool Cleaning

Spend your time outdoors and raise extra money during the summer months by providing pool cleaning services to farmhouses having pool.

72. Clothing Alterations

After learning how to sew, you can make improvements to consumers clothes who choose to re-size or change clothing or other items. It is one of the best home based business ideas and is a successful home business in this small business ideas list.

73. Child-Care Provider

Childcare or babysitting programs is one of the best side business ideas. You can provide this service for part-time or even provide a baby-care for relatives.

74. Voice Actor

Organizations also employ voice actors for ads, film, or other audio material. When you have a clear or compelling voice, you can sell your services to those businesses in exchange of money.

75. Investor

You can easily generate additional income by investing in enterprises or property or stocks. If you know where to invest at the right time to make the highest profit you can make a good income out of it. It is a good side business in this list of list of business ideas.

76. Online Stores

It is an amazing home based online business. Your primary revenue will be enhanced with an Amazon or Flipkart store with the right items. It is a good side business and one of the best home based business ideas for those who want to start an online business in this small business ideas list.

77. Handmade ornaments

Manufactured ornamentation crafted with hands is still in demand with the various festivals and parties taking place all over the year. If you are creative it is a great business for you and is a successful home business.

78. Product Photography

Product photography is one of those nice side business ideas where you don’t need to work a lot. The initial cost is rather high because photographic equipment is rather expensive, returns are more than worthwhile.

79. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography offers a brilliant link and a very competitive industry of high profile models and designers.

80. Designing Book-Covers

There are a lot of people who already write books is widely sought-after. They need someone to design their book covers as well.

81. Franchising

You can buy a franchise and put workers in there. It is a great side business as the brand value will help you to give the push it need to run a business.

82. Travel Reviews

Try to write well, to capture convincing videos and take some fantastic pictures, armed with a laptop and a phone. If your reviews get popular, customers will contact you do do paid reviews for them.

83. Freelance Commission-Agent

If you’re good at convincing others, you can do part-time work as a commission agent which is a perfect way to raise extra money quickly. You just have to sell goods and services as a freelancer in exchange of commission.

84. Google Ads 

Internet advertisements from Google Ads are very popular among web-based organizations. You can put google ads on your blogs to earn from them.

85. Photography Classes

You’re not only making extra money by holding online classes, but you’re also earning a substantial photo profile if your students manage to take awesome images.

86. Marketing Consultancy

If you are trained in designing digital marketing campaigns then you can provide consultation to clients in exchange of money. It is one of those businesses you can run from home.

87. New Office Management 

If you handle logistics well and are willing to find a strong team of partners, this might be a perfect side activity with full-time jobs.

88. Design Consultancy

Presentation design-consultants are individuals with a strong artistic sense and an appeal to the viewer for the production with descriptive, attentive content. It is a great side business with job.

89. Wedding Photography

Photography of marriage is a perfect secondary business for those who have a good eye and enjoy weddings! While the initial investment is very not too much as well and the returns have a decent value. It is one of the best weekend business ideas.

90. Online Perfume Selling

You can sell perfumes online at cheep prices by manufacturing your own. It is a great business option if you do the promotion part right. It is a very successful home business.

91. Homemade Ice-Cream

If you are looking for a good side business related to food then this one is for you. Homemade ice cream is a good option for those who can open a store or sell you ice cream in bulk to a local ice cream shop. Quality matters here the most.

92. Recruitment Consultancy

If you have a large network of experts who can easily reach HR departments in different organizations you can start this business. It is a time-intensive operation and an amazing side business with job.

93. SEO Consultancy

Organizations are also searching for trustworthy experts to test their website for search engine optimization. You can provide them the much needed support in exchange of money. It is one of those businesses you can run from home.

94. Online Furniture Store

You can buy furniture from wholesale market and sell it online at a higher price. It is a great option but takes a little bit of time for a side business.

95. Handmade Furniture

This may be a perfect chance for people who love DIY and want to work with wood to create a small business venture with tremendous branding potential.

96. Smartphone Cases

Customers enjoy the extra versatility that telephone cases offer. That’s why it’s also a really good side business. You can sell these cases online or offline to customers.

97. Graphic Design

An exceedingly user-friendly Adobe Illustrator and much more open devices such as Stencil and Visme make it so easy that just almost anyone of two opposite thumbs, imagination and inspiration will earn a side profit from this business.

98. Proofreader

Establish a proofreading company online by having customers submit to you their work and providing your editing and proofreading services to them for fixed rates or bundles. It is an amazing side business with job and is one of those businesses you can run from home.

99. Freelance Journalism 

Freelance reporting and community services are a perfect way to contribute to society and get a guaranteed salary in exchange.

100. Hardware Store

You can open a hardware store and provide essential equipment’s to local customers. A great side business to start.

101. Chat-bot Solutions

Chatbots are a tool today and a perfect business concept for any consumer-friendly enterprise. You can provide chat bot service to different companies. It is one of those businesses you can run from home.

102. Hobby Store

A DIY or specialty hobby store is an excellent source of passive earnings, particularly because people often look for a hobby in which they can spend their free time.

103. Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade greeting cards are as famous as ever. It is a perfect business concept at home specially for females and people with creative minds. It is a great side business with job.

104. Food Truck

For a nice side venture, a food truck or cart is good option and not only lets you make a little extra money but lets you learn how to run your restaurant.

105. Seasonal Catering

The establishment of a small catering service for small groups and activities during festivals and holidays is also a perfect way to earn some extra cash. Overall, one of the best weekend business ideas.

106. Language Tuition’s

There are people who want to learn different languages, it’s a perfect opportunity to make extra money comfortably if you know different languages. It is one of the best home based business ideas and is one of those businesses you can run from home.

107. Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is one of the most confident side ideas; once you have developed yourself in the industry, it has huge potential. It is one of the best weekend business ideas.

108. Food Review Videos

You can start putting food review videos on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is your decision to become a food reviewer or critic. It is one of the best side businesses.

109. Language Translation Services

You can look for freelancing job as a language interpreter if you speak more than one language and are looking for side business ideas. Overall it is one of the best side businesses in this small business ideas list.

110. Product Distribution

Distribution of goods (Wholesale distributor) is another element in this category of side jobs that can be approved and controlled on full-time by someone with good contacts.

111. Homemade Pickles

You can start a small home based small business of pickles for extra side income. It is a great business idea for for everyone who have free time and know how to make pickles at home. Overall it is one of the best home based business ideas and is a great side business with job.

112. Virtual Assistant

Users hire virtual assistants for a range of tasks, from listening to emails to scheduling. Those facilities can be delivered from your house. It is a side business which does not need a lot of effort and is looking for good home based business ideas in this small business ideas list.

113. Investing in Share Market You can invest shares in share market to earn money. It is a great side business who know how to invest in shares. You can learn how to invest in share with a proper guide on how to invest in shares.

This was the complete side/ small business ideas list. You can also check out 24 unique part time business ideas as well which are completely different from ones mentioned above.

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