11 Small Business Ideas Under 50,000 Investment

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Starting a new venture can be quite perplexing, but your dream can be much easier if you design a proper action plan, and then take the necessary steps to carry it out. But if you are running out of ideas, then below I have mentioned a list of some of the bests small business ideas under 50000. 

Small Business Ideas Under 50,000

1. Road Side Fast Food Business

If you are looking for small business ideas under 50000, then starting a roadside fast food stall can be the best idea. This business idea can be advantageous and profitable if you choose a busy location to target the right audience. 

Starting this business will require you to invest in raw materials and location. If you wish to run it on a large scale, then you can also hire labor to increase the efficiency of your work. 

2. Handmade Chocolates

Handmade chocolates are one of the best business ideas under 50000. Everybody loves to eat chocolates, so if you sell fresh handmade chocolates, then surely you can make a good amount of money. This business not only requires less investment but also the profit margin is considerably high. If your budget is low, then you can start from home. You can expand it by starting your website, and sell online. 

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3. Pickle Making

Pickle making is one of the best business ideas under 50000. one can also consider as the easiest business as you can manufacture pickles by yourself, but if you wish to run it on a large scale then you can hire a team as well. This business requires you to invest in ingredients, jars, and packaging. 

4. Honey Production Business

If you choose the right location to set up your bee farm, then starting the honey production business can be profitable. After the production of honey, you can package your product and sell it. You need to invest in getting the necessary ingredients, packaging, and advertising. 

5. Grocery

You can start a grocery business by buying fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers and get your supply. Later you can sell your products to the customers at a relatively higher price to earn a profit. It is one of the best business ideas under 50000 to earn a good amount of money. To start this business you need to invest in buying vegetables, and the charges required for delivery. 

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6. Chips Making

Chips are loved by everyone these days as it is the most popular and favorite snack of people. The production cost involved is extremely low, and it is one of the best business ideas under 50K investment. You require to invest in potatoes, oil, necessary utensils, and packing. You can either start from home or invest in renting a space for working. It is one of the best small business ideas under 50000.

7. Old Book Business

Starting a buying and selling books business can be very profitable. You can choose a location that can bring more customers like near schools and universities. Old book business ideas can help you earn a good amount of money if you invest in buying good books, binding, covering them, and selling them relatively at a higher price than what you bought for. It is a great idea to start even after college.

8. Event Organizing Business 

If you are good at planning and organizing events, and starting an event organizing business is one of the best business ideas under 50K investment. Initially, you need to decide the niche in which you plan to work, and then invest in labor, promoting your business and website to make it look more professional and profit-making. 

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9. Pet Grooming 

Pet grooming is yet another amazing and one of the best small business ideas under 50000. Due to the increasing number of pets in the household, the need for pet groomers is increasing. So you can take up this venture and run it independently. 

10. Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking for some of the best business ideas under 50K investment, then you can start a small digital marketing agency by hiring a small team of content writers, designers, social media experts, and SEO experts. And developing skills that can help you survive in the market can prove helpful. 

11. Clothes Designing Business

Starting clothes designing is a great idea if you have a piece of good knowledge about fashion and designing. You can start by designing by buying different fabrics and then featuring your brand. You need to invest in machinery, fabrics, and the promotion of your business to expand it. It‘s one of the best business ideas under 50000. 

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These were some of the best small business ideas to start with if you have under 50k. All of these ideas are well researched and can be easily started with as low as 50,000inr investment. Do you have any other business idea to start with 50K investment? Mention it in the comments.

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