10+ Small Business Ideas In Noida With Low Investment In 2023

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Noida is a place with many good opportunities coming in its way with its growth. There are many small business ideas in Noida, out of which we have mentioned the best in this article. Here are the top small business opportunities in Noida discussed below in this article.

10+ Small Business Ideas In Noida

business ideas in Noida

1. Courier Service 

It is a great business to start in Noida, and the scope in this business in Noida is high. E-selling is increasing in Noida, with which opportunities in this business are also growing. It is one of the best small business ideas in Noida in 2021.


  • Doesn’t need a lot of investment.
  • The future of this business is very good.


  • Need to provide online support for which staff is needed. 
  • Orders get canceled and returned from time to time, which takes time and effort to get fixed.

2. Pet Supplies Store 

Everyone loves pets and nowadays, a lot of people own a pet. Supplies are needed for pets such as food, toys, and medicines. You can open a pet store to sell those to customers. 


  • Demand for pet supplies is high, which makes it one of the best startup opportunities in Noida.
  • The margin is good. 


  • Need good investment to run this business. 
  • Competition is high. 

3. Tiffin Service 

It is a home-based business idea with meager investment as you don’t have to rent out a shop for this business. You can run this business from your home very efficiently and it is a great business idea in Kerala as well. Many people don’t like to eat food from restaurants as if it is not very healthy. You can provide home-cooked food service to customers who want healthy food. 


  • Very reliable business with regular customers, making it one of the best small business ideas in Noida.
  • Significantly less investment is needed to run this business, making it one of the top businesses in Noida. 


  • Food might get wasted in the beginning as you won’t have a lot of clients. 
  • Need variety so that the customers don’t get bored

4. Yoga Class

It is an excellent business for people who love yoga, especially females. There are a lot of female clients in yoga as females look for flexibility. You can start your coaching center or teach your clients online—good option for fitness-related startup opportunities in Noida in 2021. It is a really good side business idea.


  • Significantly less investment is needed, which makes it one of the best small business opportunities in Noida.
  • In this business, you are investing in yourself. 


  • Competition is high in the beginning. 
  • Creating trust with clients can be problematic in the front. 

5. Forign Language Classes

You need to know a foreign language, and if you know multiple foreign languages, it would be better. You can open your coaching center, or you can teach students online as well. It is a great business idea for women.


  • In this business, you invest in yourself, making it one of the best small business opportunities in Noida.
  • Doesn’t need massive investment in the beginning. 


  • Getting clients, in the beginning, can be challenging. 
  • Have to pay a certain amount as a commission to mediocre to get clients. 

6. Property Dealer Business

You can become a property dealer if you have good contacts in this field. There are many companies like Buniyad which are performing well in the property dealing business.


  • High return in this business for people who want to make Noida based startups.
  • You don’t have to be available all the time in your office.


  • You need a good number of clients and various contacts in the beginning. 
  • You need to treat your clients well in this business.

7. Hostel Business

If you have property near colleges like Amity in Noida, you can start your own hostel as students try to find hostels near the college. There are already many people earning from this business in 2021.


  • You don’t have to put in a lot of effort into this business in this kind of Noida based startups. 
  • You don’t have to sit all day in the office, and you can put a manager to manage in your hostel.


  • You need a property nearby the college to start this business.
  • You have to provide the latest facilities for the students.

8. Small Food Corner 

You can open a food corner near any office or college and earn well from it. There are many people who look for cheaper alternatives to have food near their office and college. It is one of the best small business ideas in Noida.


  • You don’t need to invest in this business, which makes it one of the best Noida based startups.
  • Opening a food corner near school or college will help you to get more clients easily.


  • Your business depends on nearby offices or colleges.
  • You might need to take some persimmon from the government before opening this kind of corner.

9. Renting PS4 and Xbox

You can rent gaming consoles like ps4 or Xbox if you own one, or you can buy them and put them on rent. There are many students who want to play various games but don’t have a budget to buy one. It is one of the best startup ideas in Noida in 2021.


  • Not a large amount of investment is needed for this business. 
  • You can easily get clients from apps like olx and quikr.


  • You have to take the risk of theft of the console.
  • YOu don’t know how a person is using the console.

10. Open Cricket Academy 

You can open your cricket academy in Noida, and the rent is not high in Noida in many places. If you love sports, then you can look for this one. It is an excellent idea for people looking for fitness-related startup opportunities in Noida. People looking for business ideas in Bihar can also look for this one.


  • It is an excellent option for people who love cricket or are passionate about fitness.
  • Students will join for sure who love cricket.


  • Might have to invest in this business for the first few months.
  • Will have to hire some workers as well to help you with cleaning.

11. AC Repairing business

This business is seasonal, but this business earns a lot in a season. You need to make contacts in this business and have clients as well. You can also use apps like Urbanclap to get clients. Overall it is one of the best startup ideas in Noida.


  • It is an excellent business for those who know about it.
  • Earning is good in this business.


  • It is a seasonal business. 
  • You will have to provide good service to your clients as competition is high.


These were the best small business opportunities in Noida. If you have any other startup ideas in Noida, then you can mention it in the comments. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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